Nebuchadnezzar "Ben"

Known Year(s):Since 1607
Place of Origin:Copenhagen, Denmark
Appears in:Castaways of the Flying Dutchman, The Angel's Command, Voyage of Slaves

Nebuchadnezzar, later known as Ben, was a boy born in 1607, in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was the stepson of a man known as Bjornsen, and was originally a mute, unable to speak. However, this did not have an effect on his intelligence. Physically, Neb had short blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.

In 1620 when he was about 13-14 years old, Nebuchadnezzar escaped from his stepfather and his three stepbrothers, who often mistreated him upon the death of his biological mother. During the pursuit, Neb fell into the cold Copenhagen harbor, near the vicinity of the Fleiger Hollander. After being discovered by a Finnish sailor of the ship, he was rescued and taken into the custody of the ship's cook, Petros, and subsequently forced into becoming a galley boy/slave. It was Petros who gave him the name Nebuchadnezzar.

Before leaving the country of Denmark for good, a wandering black Labrador found Neb at the port of Esjberg. Neb quickly took the dog into his care, and named him Denmark after the country.

Neb ended up becoming the ship's permanent cook after Petros suffered a hand injury. Later, after saving the life of Captain Phillip Vanderdecken, Neb and Den became bodyguards for the captain, watching his back.

As the ship's journey continued, inclement weather hit in the Cape Horn area. After dealing with a mutinous crew and rough seas, Vanderdecken cursed God, causing the appearance of an Angel who condemned the Captain and his wicked crew to sail the seas forever. Knowing the innocence and purity of Neb and Den, their lives were spared.

Neb and Den were granted immortality, never aging. In addition to this, they had the capability to converse telepathically, and Neb could understand and speak any spoken language. The Angel commanded the two to roam the earth, helping those in need.

As the years passed, the two reversed their names. "Neb" switching to "Ben", and "Den" switching to "Ned".