Species: Mouse
Place of Origin: Mossflower Woods
Gender: Male
Death: Unknown
Appears: Mentioned in: The Legend of Luke

According to legend, Ninian was a lazy mouse who lived in a tent in Mossflower Woods along with his unnamed wife and family. Because his family had grown so large, the tent ran out of room, and his wife was forced to laboriously construct a new residence while Ninian slept, ate, drank, and idled.

Upon completion of the building, Mrs. Ninian put a sign out in front of the house reading "This Aint Ninians!", signifying her ownership of her work.

After many seasons passed, weather and time had damaged the sign, removing a few of the letters. The new sign read "sAint Ninians!" (Saint Ninian's), changing the future of the building forever. From around that point onward, it was considered a church.


  • St. Ninian was an early missionary to the Pictish people of modern-day Scotland.
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