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Noonvale from the Redwall TV Series

Noonvale is a peaceful community of woodlanders nestled in the deepest part of the Northeastern Forest. This region has never known war, thanks in part to the efforts of its residents in keeping its exact location secret from outsiders. The quiet glade is surrounded by oaks, sycamores, and elms, and is covered with soft moss and a great variety of flowers, including foxgloves, anemones, bluebells, and ground ivy. The Broadstream River flows into this area and swells into a waterfall below.

In some ways, Noonvale holds similarities to Mossflower Woods. Its inhabitants are dedicated to peace and include moles, hedgehogs, squirrels, and otters. Food is abundant and prepared by dedicated cooks. Noonvale also has expert brewers and wine makers. Habitations are covered with thatched rooftops and are interspersed with flower gardens and lush orchards. Some of the fruits found in Noonvale include plums, cherries, damsons, raspberries, and redcurrants.

For all these reasons, Noonvale represents peace, happiness, and security to its residents.

Known Noonvale Residents[]

The following characters are residents of Noonvale:

After the Battle of Marshank, the Rambling Rosehip Players relocated to Noonvale. Later descendants of this group were the Wandering Noonvale Companions Troupe.


Noonvale appears in Martin the Warrior and is mentioned in Marlfox.