Place of Origin:Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: Salamandastron

Nordo was a young male shrew and the son of Log-a-Log of the Guosssom. Nordo was also the cousin of Dwing. He was a food slave of toad King Glagweb, but was later rescued by his father and shrews of Guosssom like the other slaves. While in Glagweb's custody, he befriended Mara and Pikkle Ffolger.

When Nordo was babe, he used to play with the Blackstone. On one occasion he paddled far away from his home and got lost in the Great Inland Lake on in the island at its center. Nordo was frightened by Urthwyte and he dropped the Blackstone on the island. He was later rescued by his father, but did not recover the Blackstone at that juncture.

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