Nubbs Miggory

Sergeant Nubbs Miggory

Place of Origin:Salamandastron
Weapon: Fists
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Rogue Crew

Sergeant Nubbs Miggory was an old hare in the Long Patrol under Violet Wildstripe. He was one of the hares to journey to the High North Coast with Rake Nightfur. He had long held the title of Champion Boxer and was very proficient at the sport, once downing a big female adder with two punches. He amazed the young hares of the Long Patrol by his ability to dodge every punch thrown at him. This ability was witnessed when he was challenged by Ruggan Axehound and Big Drander, flooring each of them with a lightning-quick punch in the gut.

He was said to be strict but was a very capable leader in the Patrol sent out to find Skor Axehound's Rogue Crew. He was encouraging to the young cadets and was good-natured. He often reassured or comforted the younger hares of the Long Patrol, encouraging Buff Redspore in the Bloodrippers' territory, and comforting Wilbee after Bribbs' death. Sometimes he thought about 'the carefree life' or a peaceful life without a soldier's duty, especially when he was visiting Redwall Abbey.

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