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Orkwil Prink

Orkwil Prink

Species: Hedgehog
Place of Origin: Mossflower Woods
Gender: Male
Weapon: Sword of Martin, club, dagger
Death: Unknown
Appears: Eulalia!

Orkwil Prink was a young hedgehog resident of Redwall Abbey. His mother and father, who were both thieves and rogues, abandoned him in his early childhood. He was found by the inhabitants of Redwall, who adopted him and raised him.

As he grew older, Orkwil began to mirror the thieving nature of his parents, as he 'borrowed' objects from many Redwallers. He wrote down the stolen objects in a notebook, and crossed them out upon returning them.

Orkwil's roguish behavior irritated the Redwallers, and he was finally sentenced to one season's banishment from the Abbey to learn to appreciate his blessings. The young hedgehog revelled in his freedom, running full-pelt down the path.

About a day after his banishment, Orkwil's luck came to an end. His supplies were raided by a magpie, and he fell into a swamp.

The next day, he was found by Vizka Longtooth's Sea Raiders, who mistook his name for 'Orful (Awful) Stink.'

Orkwil, brought back to the Sea Raider's ship on the River Moss, befriended Gorath the Flame and helped him escape. The twosome, pursued by Vizka and his crew, fled to Redwall, where the Abbeydwellers forgave Orkwil and withdrew his punishment.

Orkwil later became the captain of defense when Vizka and the Brownrats attacked. He was very proud of his position and soon matured. He later assisted Mad Maudie in Mossflower Woods finding Gorath.

Orkwil, along with Rangval the Rogue and Maudie, were captured by Vizka, but escaped easily and fled to the Plateau, where Gorath and Salixa fought off the vermin. With the help of the Guosim and Redwallers, Orkwil and his friends managed to defeat the combined forces of the vermin. Before he came to assist his friends in the long ordeal on the plateau, he left to Redwall, and at the time his friends wondered about his destination.

Orkwil later became the captain of the ship Eulalia.