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Orlando the Axe

Orlando the Axe
Badger Ruler

Place of Origin: Western Plains
Gender: Male
Known Predecessor: Urthwyte the Mighty
Known Successor: Cregga Rose Eyes
Weapon: Axe
Death: Unknown
Appears: Mattimeo
Mentioned: Pearls of Lutra

Orlando the Axe was a male badger who assisted Matthias in freeing Slagar the Cruel's slaves. He was the father of Auma and the widower of Brockrose. He was also known as the Lord of the Western Plains. His weapon of choice was a vast double-headed battleaxe, hence his name. Though Orlando occasionally experienced the Bloodwrath, it did not appear to consume him as it did other Badger Lords. Despite being a warrior as he was, he was a good cook, as mentioned by Auma.

After his wife died of unknown circumstances, his life revolved around his young daughter. Along with Matthias' son Mattimeo and several others, she was captured by Slagar to be sold to the evil Malkariss. Orlando joined Matthias and traveled with his group to the southern kingdom of Malkariss to free the slaves. Orlando battled against the Blackrobe Rats and even killed the Wearet. He, along with Matthias, destroyed the limestone statue of Malkariss with his battleaxe. Orlando was instrumental in causing Slagar's death, in which the fox was chased into a well by the badger and Matthias.

Orlando from the Redwall TV Series

With the slaves rescued and Malkariss's kingdom destroyed, Orlando returned to Redwall Abbey, where he lived for many seasons. Constance was his firm friend and together they raised his daughter Auma, who succeeded Constance as Badger Mother when she died. Orlando lived a peaceful life at Redwall and hung up his battleaxe for many seasons.

Eventually, however, he left the Abbey to journey to Salamandastron, where he ruled as Badger Lord for an unknown amount of time.


  • Orlando the Axe was the second badger warrior to appear in the Redwall series, and the first known to use the warcry Eulalia.