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Pandion Piketalon


Species: Osprey
Place of Origin: Green Isle
Gender: Male
Weapon: Natural Defenses
Death: Killed by Riggu Felis
Appears: High Rhulain

Pandion Piketalon, a fierce fish osprey, lived on Green Isle but was caught by Riggu Felis in a net and an iron barb was lodged in his mouth. When Riggu's sons, Jeefra and Pitru, were unable to kill him, the wildcat attacked Pandion himself. Pandion seriously wounded Riggu and escaped into Mossflower Woods, where he was captured by Frogeye and taunted by Groffgut. Fortunately, he was freed by Tiria Wildlough (who claimed the barb) and her companions Brinty, Tribsy, and Girry and restored to health in Redwall Abbey, where he met Brantalis Skyfurrow. The two birds did not hit it off very well, and often squabbled. However, for all of his fierce nature, Pandion got along well with the abbeybeasts. During an afternoon tea out on the Abbey's front lawn, Sister Doral played her fiddle while some of the Dibbuns, such as Taggle, Grumby and Groop danced to the music. Pandion and Brantalis both joined them in a jig that pleased the young ones.

Pandion accompanied Tiria and the Long Patrol to Green Isle so Tiria could take her place as the High Rhulain. Pandion helped the otter leader, Leatho Shellhound, break out of his cage and brought news of the High Rhulain's arrival to the otterclans. He also rescued Leatho from the burning fortress. When Riggu later recognized the hawk, he threw a war-axe at him, killing the bird. Tiria later made a monument for him in his memory.


Groffgut capturing Pandion Piketalon

  • "Pandion" is the osprey genus.
  • Mighty Megraw and Pandion Piketalon are the only ospreys mentioned in the Redwall series.