"Peril in the Toplands"

Production #
Original U.S. Airdate
April 27, 2001
Original Canadian Airdate
Running time
Written by
Toby Roberts
Directed by
Raymond Jafelice, Luc Bihan


Official Synopsis

Safely across the river, Slagar awaits Stonefleck's army of rats. Below the cliffs, Matthias meets Sir Harry the Muse who reveals a way to climb them. Matthias and his band ascend but come under attack in the Dark Forest, almost losing Cheek the otter before making good their escape. Across the river, Mattimeo tries to lead an escape of his own but is immediately recaptured by Stonefleck’s rats.

Back at Redwall, Ambrose Spike and others set traps for the invading birds and engage in what is to be a long battle of wits and courage. The birds take Cornflower, Rollo and Mrs. Churchmouse hostage, threatening to kill them unless Redwall surrenders - a stand off temporarily averted by the Abbot, but leaving the captives in great danger.

Matthias and the pursuers launch a raft to rescue Mattimeo but are pushed back to the water - only to find it is alive with nibbling fish. They sweep down the river, all choices exhausted. Across the river, allied with a huge army - Slagar can’t lose.

Differences from Mattimeo

  • In the book, the Painted Ones are tree-rats, whereas in the TV series, they are shown as lemurs.
  • In the book, it is Sister May, not Cornflower, that attacks Ironbeak when he grabs Rollo.
  • In the TV series, Mattimeo and the other slaves attempt a second escape only to be recaptured by Stonefleck's rats, this does not occur in the book.


Segments include:

  • "Redwall animals"
  • "Hares"
  • "Redwall Trivia: What do Redwallers desire more than anything?"
  • "Character Spotlight: Baby Rollo"
Redwall TV Featurette Peril in the Toplands

Redwall TV Featurette Peril in the Toplands

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