Pikkle Ffolger


Place of Origin:Salamandastron
Weapon: Javelin, dagger
Death: Unknown
Appears: Salamandastron

Pikkle Ffolger was a headstrong hare from Salamandastron whose best friend was the badger Mara. Rebelling against Lord Urthstripe, the two headed away from the mountain, where they met the vermin Klitch and Goffa, part of Ferahgo the Assassin's horde. When Pikkle and Mara returned, Urthstripe offered the two vermin food for one day, and then banished them from the mountain.

Mara saw this as a slight against her two friends, and thus left the mountain permanently. Pikkle followed her until they met the horde that Klitch belonged to. There, the two friends realized that their home was in danger, and headed off to raise an army. They traveled to the camp of Log-a-Log, and later helped him regain the Blackstone, which symbolized power, from Urthwyte. After a dispute with Tubgutt, a rebellious shrew, Pikkle took part in a pudding-eating contest against him and won, earning his respect. Pikkle also led the charge of the Guosssom to recapture Salamandastron from the vermin who had taken over.

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