Place of Origin:Salamandastron
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: High Rhulain

Quartle (nicknamed "Quarters") was a young, male hare of the Long Patrol of the mountain fortress, Salamandastron, under the badger lord, Lord Mandoral Highpeak. He was a very animated and talkative subaltern. A close companion of Portan, the two were an inseparable duo. Quartle, along with Portan, assisted Tiria Wildlough ashore when she reached Salamandastron on the Purloined Petunia. Both hares were assigned by Mandoral to attend her.

When Tiria revealed her plan to free Green Isle from the tyranny of Riggu Felis to Mandoral, the Badger Lord told her that he would assist her mission by sending some members of the Long Patrol along with her. Captain Raphael Granden was asked to choose the thirty hares that would go. When Quartle and Portan were not asked, Tiria challenged Granden, requesting that her good friends go, as well. Impressed by her presence and her conviction, Granden agreed.

En route to Green Isle aboard the Purloined Petunia, Quartle and Portan manned the tiller together, and also took shifts working the oars, on one occasion relieving a fatigued Tiria from rowing.

Quartle fought in the battle that destroyed Riggu Felis and his feral cat army, which freed the otterclans from oppression.

At the end of novel, Quartle -- along with the rest of the Long Patrol -- returned to Salamandastron. Quartle and Portan became captains of the ships the Purloined Petunia and Fearless Frunk. As described in Abbess Lycian's letter to Tiria, these two ships were to anchor in the River Moss in the next spring, with plans to sail to Green Isle for a visit.

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