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Warbeak was a female Sparra leader, the daughter of Greytail and Dunwing, and the niece of King Bull Sparra. Though they were royal family members, King Bull routinely neglected his promise to look after Warbeak and her mother following Greytail's death at the fangs of Asmodeus Poisonteeth, but they got along quite well, with Warbeak becoming a popular, intelligent, and a powerful warrior over the seasons. Warbeak also developed the Sparra vernacular of identifying creatures from below as "worms."

During the quest for the Sword of Martin the Warrior, Jess Squirrel climbed up to Redwall Abbey's roof to retrieve the sword from its place in the Abbey's weathervane, unaware that sparrows had stolen it some seasons back, after receiving intelligence on its probable location. Warbeak and a team of Sparra warriors attacked Jess, and almost succeeded in throwing her off the roof, but timely assistance from Matthias and Basil Stag Hare rescued her, as they shot a continuous hail of arrows that forced the Sparras to stand down. One of Matthias' arrows impaled Warbeak through the leg, causing her to fall towards the ground. Matthias saved her, and she was imprisoned when she became hostile, though she refused to give up any information on the sword's whereabouts.

Methuselah used his knowledge of the Sparra culture to trick her into revealing Bull's theft of the sword from the weather vane, and as such, bribed her with candied chestnuts, which seemingly convinced her to help Matthias visit the Sparra court. Along the climb, Warbeak unsuccessfully attacked Matthias and he retaliated by pushing her off the edge of a red sandstone ledge - Warbeak had a brick toggle around one of her legs to prevent her from flying away - and held on to the collar he had put on her, and threatened to drop her unless she promised to behave. Not having any other options except death, Warbeak agreed. They eventually became friends on the long climb.

Upon entrance to the court, Bull initially ordered Matthias' execution, but intervention from Warbeak and Dunwing, who learned Matthias had saved her beloved daughter, kept him alive and placed in Dunwing's custody. Later, when Bull continuously refused to let Matthias leave the court, Dunwing arranged for Bull and all of the Sparras to depart for the Quarry, while Warbeak helped Matthias escape, stealing the sword's scabbard in the process.

After Bull was killed by a fall from the roof during his attempt to stop Matthias from escaping, Dunwing nominated Warbeak to succeed him, to which the entire Sparra population agreed. Warbeak became the youngest-ever Queen. She was an excellent ruler to her Sparra, and had them keep watch over the Abbey's war with Cluny the Scourge.

When Cluny was poised to seize the Abbey, Warbeak and a team of warriors left for the Quarry to warn Matthias, who by this time had succeeded in killing Asmodeus and retrieving the sword. Warbeak then gathered the entire Sparra tribe, numbering 1,000 warriors, and combined with the 500 shrews of the Guosim, retook Redwall from Cluny's army. Warbeak decided to interact more with the Redwall denizens, and received education in the culinary arts from Friar Hugo.

Eight seasons later, while Matthias, Basil Stag Hare, and Jess were away tracking down Slagar the Cruel after their young ones' kidnapping, the Redwallers discovered crucial information, including a map, that could aid in Matthias' pursuit, and Warbeak was convinced to order her entire tribe to go off in all directions in separate groups with copies of the information, for the purpose of delivering it to Matthias. This, coupled with General Ironbeak's invasion of the court, nearly wiped out the Sparra tribe.

Warbeak's team found Matthias, who by this time was locked in combat with the Longtail Horde. The Sparras came to their friends' defense and fought and defeated the Longtails. Although, during the battle, Warbeak was hit by a stray arrow and killed. Matthias was greatly saddened by the death of his friend, and the next day, promised at her grave that he would never forget her.

Warbeak's Legacy[]

The Sparra court was named Warbeak Loft in her honor, and she was succeeded as leader by Sir Harry the Muse, who helped rebuild the tribe.

Nelvana Redwall TV Series[]

In Season 1 of the Nelvana Redwall TV Series, Dunwing assumes the role of Sparra Queen. Only later in Season 2 is Warbeak the tribe leader.