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Rab Streambattle


Species: Otter
Place of Origin: Southsward
Gender: Male
Weapon: Long Bow, Sword, Sling, Spear
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Bellmaker

Rab Streambattle was the leader of the otter guard in Southsward and the husband of Iris Streambattle. After Gael Squirrelking ignored his advice on not letting Urgan Nagru into Castle Floret, he left, taking his entire otter guard with him. Later, when Castle Floret was captured, Rab fought the enemy horde with Muta, so that the others could escape. Together, they escaped alive but badly injured. His wife thought he died in the encounter, but later Mariel found him and Muta with Egbert the Scholar, unable to talk and severely wounded.

Rab and Muta later helped Mariel capture the gatehouse within the castle. After he met up with Iris, he returned to his normal self and began talking again. When Silvamord tried to escape from Castle Floret by jumping into the moat, Rab jumped in after her and killed her in the water, most likely by holding her under the water until she drowned.


  • Rab was named for enthusiastic Oregonian Redwall fan Robert Adam Banagale.
  • The Streambattle clan also appears in High Rhulain.
  • Both in the Tribes of Redwall Otters Quiz and in his book The Bellmaker, Rab is mentioned as "the most skilled weaponbeast among otters".