Captain Rake Nightfur

Rake Nightfur

Place of Origin:High North Coast
Weapon: Two Claymores
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Rogue Crew

Captain Rake Nightfur was a black-furred, scar-faced member of the Long Patrol, originally from the North as evidenced by his accent. He led a score of Long Patrol warriors to find Skor Axehound, leader of the Rogue Crew, on Lady Violet Wildstripe's orders. He was in charge of the operation because he was of the highest rank. He caught onto the ruse of a group of pygmy shrews trying to steal the maidens in the group of hares, and passed the word through the patrol not to drink the drugged wine passed to them.

Rake was a capable fighter, as demonstrated when he participated in the battle between the Redwallers, Razzid Wearat, and his crew. During the battle, Rake and Skor are credited in slaying Mowlag and Jiboree. Afterwards, Rake was one of the various hares and otters that chased down the remainder of Razzid's crew in the newly captured Greenshroud, which was eventually renamed Posy Gurdy.

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