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Rakkety Tam is the seventeenth published book in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques.

Book Divisions (English)[]

  • Book 1: The Warrior Who Sold His Sword
  • Book 2: The Warrior Who Gained a Sword
  • Book 3: The Walking Stone


From a region known only as the Land of Ice and Snow from across the Western Sea emerges Gulo the Savage, a vicious wolverine and his horde of a hundred white vermin who consume the flesh of their enemies. After murdering his father, Dramz, Gulo assumed control of his territory. However, only those who possess the Walking Stone may rule, and after his father's death, Gulo's brother, Askor, steals the stone and sails to the land of Mossflower Woods. Gulo pursues his brother with approximately a hundred flesh-eating white foxes and ermine under his command.

Meanwhile, the mercenary squirrel Rakkety Tam MacBurl, along with his companion Wild Doogy Plumm, find themselves at odds with their current rulers, Squirrelking Araltum and Idga Drayqueen, both arrogant, foolish creatures who spend more time on ceremonies in their honor than ruling the kingdom.

When the forces of the Squirrelking are ambushed by Gulo and dozens of squirrels get massacred, Tam and Doogy are given the chance to escape the trivialities of the kingdom and track the invaders. Gulo had stolen the king's new Royal Banner, so Tam and Doogy are sent off to find it. The king promises to release them of their bonds (they had sworn allegiance to him some seasons before) if they succeed in finding the banner. They eventually meet up with the Long Patrol, and continue their hunt.

The Long Patrol has its own problems. Some hares were ambushed and they lost a precious drum which is supposed to be going to Redwall as a present. It turns out that Gulo has possession of a drum as well as the banner.

At Redwall, Sister Armel is told by the spirit of Martin the Warrior to give his sword to the borderer. So she leaves to travel south to find the borderer (who is, of course Tam) with Brookflow, taking The Sword of Martin with her. The two maids are ambushed by some of Gulo's army.

Tam, Doogy, and Tergen are sent to find Gulo's army. They find Sister Armel and Brooky held captive. They rescue the two and Armel gives Tam the Sword of Martin. The freed captives and the rescuers go to Redwall.

When the army of hares reaches Redwall, Rakkety Tam takes command of the force and splits them into two groups: One to constantly harass the flesh-eating enemy, and the other to guard Redwall. Tam and Doogy take the harassment force out to find Gulo's army. Rakkety's force finds the Guosim and Log-a-Log Togey. The shrews, hares, squirrels and a water vole named Yoofus Lightpaw (who had the banner and the Walking Stone) led a split force of Gulo's army through the blackbird pines. Then the force led by Tam goes back to Redwall for a final battle.

At Redwall, the other part of Gulo's army attacks the Abbey. There are almost no tactics, only full-out charges, none of which do anything significant except get some ermine and foxes killed.

When the harassment force returns, the squirrels, with the aid of the hares, Guosim shrews, Redwall inhabitants, and Yoofus attack the flesh-eating army. After a great victory, Tam is challenged by Gulo to a one-on-one battle, which comes to a climactic duel with the wolverine himself. Eventually, the warrior squirrel manages to throw Gulo on his recently sharpened shield and decapitate Gulo. Tam marries Sister Armel, a healer from Redwall, and they have a daughter, Melanda, who becomes the Redwall Recorder. Along with his family and friends, Tam and Doogy finally decide to return to Squirrelking Araltum and Idga Drayqueen's domain and return the banner. They do so, reclaiming their bonds back, and winning freedom for all the other squirrels who were forced to serve the king.

Characters in Rakkety Tam


Rakkety Tam was released in audiobook format.

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