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Ranguvar Foeseeker

Ranguvar Foeseeker by the Russian Illustrators

Species: Squirrel
Place of Origin: Unnamed island off the coast of the North Shores
Gender: Female
Weapon: Anything that can be wielded
Death: Crash of the Goreleech
Appears: The Legend of Luke

Ranguvar Foeseeker came from an island off the coast of the North Shores. Ranguvar was a sinewy black squirrel, and an enthusiastic berserker. She was one of the few animals, besides badgers, to be overcome with Bloodwrath. Ranguvar fought with unmatched fury against her enemies, wielding any weapon that came to paw or none at all, just as adept with her bare paws and teeth. Strong-willed and independent, Ranguvar refused to be broken by the most desperate of situations.

These attributes served her well during her time spent as a captive of Vilu Daskar. Ranguvar was captured by the stoat and put to work on an oar on the ship Goreleech, receiving no food or water after repeated refusal to submit. The slave master Bullflay whipped her until she bled, but her taunts caused him to eventually cave. Ranguvar raged against her enemies, vowing revenge and refusing to be beaten down. This ferocity earned her respect among fellow slaves, and the black squirrel would be renowned for many seasons afterward.

Eventually, Ranguvar made a friend and ally of Luke the Warrior, another enemy of Daskar. Conspiring with a pair of Luke's comrades, Denno and Dulam, they came up with a plan to free and arm themselves and the rest of the slaves. Luke arranged to have the Goreleech sail towards a formation of tall rocks in the northern waters. Upon reaching them, the friends attacked, slaying many of their foes. The ship broke in half upon the rocks, half becoming stuck between two of the rocks, the other sinking. Upon the doomed half were Luke and Daskar, locked in an embrace of death, with Ranguvar holding off Daskar's crew.

Ranguvar and Luke's story was later told to Martin the Warrior, Luke's son. Afterward Martin dropped a small pebble from Sayna's belongings to their grave, commending his father and calling Ranguvar his friend.