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Species: Fox
Place of Origin: Unknown
Gender: Male
Weapon: Throwing knives, Sword
Death: Mutual Kill with Sagitar Sawfang
Appears: Pearls of Lutra

Rasconza was known as the only corsair fox who frequented the island of Sampetra. He was intelligent, ambitious, and strong, and a very highly regarded bladethrower and a collector of daggers, always having at least ten blades on his person. After serving as bosun to the captain Slashback on the Bloodkeel, he later became captain of the ship after Slashback's death. When Rasconza killed Barranca, the fox took over the mass rebellion against Ublaz Mad Eyes.

A game of parlay began, with both opposing leaders speaking politely but secretly loathing each other. Ublaz placed Trident Rats as Captains aboard the corsairs' ships, but one of them was "accidentally" slain. Ublaz, not wanting more bloodshed (or simply trying to get rid of Rasconza) consigned to promote Rasconza to Captain-in-Chief of the corsair ships. He also allowed Rasconza to take the Bloodkeel out on a plunder voyage. Secretly, however, Ublaz sabotaged the ship, meaning to kill Rasconza and all of his close allies.

Unfortunately for Ublaz, Rasconza survived with his steersrat Guja, reorganized the corsairs into an army dubbed the Wave Brethren and began a mass revolt against Ublaz. Rasconza and Ublaz constantly tried to outwit one another; most of the time Rasconza coming out as victor. During an attempted siege of the palace, the Wave Brethren noticed that their ships had been set afire by Martin II, Grath Longfletch and company. Rasconza tried to get them to stay behind, but failed. Only Sagitar Sawfang, chief Trident-rat and traitor to Ublaz, stayed behind. Rasconza decided it was all her fault and mortally wounded her with a thrown dagger. But he made the mistake of leaning down to her dying body and in her last breath, Sagitar stabbed Rasconza with her trident and slew him.

Rasconza and Ublaz's outward politeness and inward loathing is similar to Badrang and Clogg's relationship in Martin the Warrior.