The Ravagers were a vicious vermin group that wandered the lands about Mossflower Woods and Salamandastron, who always followed the leadership of a sable. Originally, they were led by Armuk Rinn the Conqueror. Their numbers and species composition at that time were unknown, but they were numerous enough to cause great concern to Lord Brang Forgefire and his Long Patrol. Eventually, the Ravagers laid a trap for the Badger and his hares, catching them in an ambush. They nearly succeeded, until Feryn Kordyne managed to slay Armuk Rinn. The Ravagers' morale fell when they saw their leader die, and they fled into obscurity for several generations.

The Ravagers resurfaced as a threat during the time of Feryn's youngest grandson Buckler Kordyne. This time, they were led led by Vilaya the Sable Quean and her commander Zwilt the Shade. There were approximately 200 members; the army was made up of rats, weasels, ferrets, stoats, and at least three foxes. They reached this size by conquering smaller bands and incorporating them into their ranks, such as the tribe of Grullba Deathwind and the gang of Gadra the Spear. Zwilt usually accomplished the conquering by himself, dueling and slaying any band leaders who opposed his takeover.

Vilaya had Zwilt kidnap Redwall Abbey Dibbuns and other woodlander babes, hoping to use them to force their parents to surrender. However, the two sables continually disagreed over whether or not this was a viable way to conquer Redwall (and subsequently all of Mossflower), as Zwilt preferred a more direct and open warfare. Eventually, Zwilt badly wounded Vilaya and took over the tribe - however, Vilaya recovered from her seemingly fatal injury. Posing as a resurrected, magical beast, she took over the Ravagers again behind Zwilt's back. By now, he had already started a war with the Redwallers - the Ravagers soon found themselves outmatched, especially when the two Berserkers Ambrevina Rockflash and Axtel Sturnclaw leapt over the Abbey walls and came after the vermin. As Zwilt had already been slain, and her army was scattering, Vilaya abandoned the Ravagers and fled. The leaderless Ravagers were routed and sent fleeing for their lives, and were never heard from again.


Army Commanders


Known Ravagers

Kidnapped Babes

In total, the Ravagers kidnapped 45 babes. The following young ones were kidnapped by the Ravagers:


The Ravagers appear in The Sable Quean.