Rawnblade Widestripe

Badger Ruler

Place of Origin:Salamandastron
Known Predecessor:Sunflash the Mace
Known Successor:Urthstripe the Strong
Appears:Mariel of Redwall
Mentioned: The Long Patrol

Rawnblade Widestripe, Protector of the Shores, was a male Badger Lord of Salamandastron. He was the great-grandson of Sunflash the Mace and distantly descended from Bella of Brockhall, Barkstripe, Boar the Fighter, Brocktree, Stonepaw, and Lady Sable Brock. His primary weapon was a large broadsword named "Verminfate". He had a very loose rein on his temper, suffering heavily from the Bloodwrath. He was the sworn enemy of all sea-vermin, especially Gabool the Wild.

Rawnblade found three of his hares dead on the shores of Salamandastron and later sent terrible retribution on the crew of the Waveblade, by slaying the entire lot of them. They were the same beasts that had killed the hares prior.

Later on, he journeyed with several woodlanders from Redwall Abbey to the island of Terramort to fight against Gabool and his vermin. Gabool lured Rawnblade into a pit that held a giant black scorpion, Skrabblag (this trick had been used against another of Gabool's enemies). Martin appeared immediately in a vision, giving Rawnblade confidence to whirl the scorpion in the air, out of the hole, and right on top of Gabool, who was immediately killed.

The famous Joseph Bell, crafted by Joseph the Bellmaker, was originally intended for Rawnblade and contained inscriptions which could only be deciphered by a Badger Lord. After it was stolen by Gabool and recovered by Mariel Gullwhacker and her friends, however, Rawnblade Widestripe offered the bell to Redwall Abbey in commemoration of Martin the Warrior because Martin had inspired him to fling the scorpion out of the pit. He told them what the inscriptions said, and revealed that its name would be Joseph and that its home would be the Abbey.