Redtooth from the Redwall TV Series

Species: Rat
Place of Origin: Unknown
Gender: Male
Weapon: Cutlass, Spear
Death: Killed by Constance
Appears: Redwall
Voice(s): Andrew Gillies (Redwall); Greg Longridge
TV Series: Season 1

A tall rat, Redtooth was second in command of Cluny the Scourge's army. Ambitious and slightly arrogant, Redtooth was totally loyal to Cluny. Redtooth acted as spokesrat for Cluny at Redwall Abbey when reading Cluny's articles to the new recruits.

During Cluny's conference with Abbot Mortimer and other important Abbey figures, Redtooth was again instructed to read the articles, but halfway through, Matthias destroyed them with his staff. A slight scuffle began, in which Constance laid Redtooth flat. This began an enmity between them which lasted for the rest of Redtooth's life.

While escorting Sela through Mossflower Woods, he got into a scuffle with fellow captain Fangburn, accidentally allowing Sela to escape. After the unlucky pair separated to find her, Redtooth ran into Constance. Redtooth tried to fight the badger, managing to score a few wounds on her, but she grabbed his tail and threw him against a tree at an incredible velocity, killing him instantly. His body was later devoured by Asmodeus.

Redwall TV Series

In the Redwall TV Series, Redtooth's death is slightly different as he dies when Cornflower throws boiling soup, and then hits him on the head with the empty soup cauldron.

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