Redwall: Cluny's Clowns front cover

Redwall: Cluny's Clowns back cover

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Redwall: Cluny's Clowns is a UK Region 2 Redwall TV Series DVD and the followup to Redwall: Cluny the Scourge. It consists of five episodes of Redwall - Season 1.

Official Summary

5 action-packed adventures based on the top-selling twelve-book series by author Brian Jacques.

Redwall follows the odyssey of Matthias, an innocent and bumbling young mouse destined to be the unlikely hero and great defender of Redwall, the English cathedral which has been home to a community of peaceful mice for generations.

Three more episodes in the animated series following the adventures of Matthias the Mouse, a novice at Redwall Abbey who must do all he can to save the abbey from the evil rogue Cluny the Scourge, a rat with a blade tied to his tail. Episodes are: 'Sparra's Kingdom', 'Cluny's Clowns' and 'High Standards'.


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