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Redwall: The Graphic Novel was published in 2007 exclusively in the U.S. by Philomel as a comic book adaptation of Redwall, the first book in the fantasy saga by Brian Jacques. Stuart Moore adapted the story, while Bret Blevins provided the black and white illustrations. Lettering was provided by Richard Starkings.

It was released alongside Eulalia! and the Redwall 20th Anniversary Edition.

Official Summary[]

When the peaceful life in and around ancient Redwall Abbey is shattered by the arrival of the evil rat Cluny and his villainous hordes, Matthias, a young mouse, determined to find the legendary sword of Martin the Warrior which, he is convinced, will help Redwall's inhabitants destroy their enemy.


Differences From Redwall[]

  • Cluny is not described as "Portuguese", but as a "tough, evil, foul bilge rat."
  • The Ch. 3 feast sequence involving Matthias and Brother Alf's grayling does not appear; the Ch. 5 post-feast sequence is combined into Abbot Mortimer's meeting with Matthias in Ch. 1.
  • Upon seeing the Redwall Tapestry, Cluny says "That's the mouse from my dreams"; in Redwall he asks "Who is that mouse?" and never mentions his dreams.
  • It's not exactly clear that Cluny's horde is holing up in Saint Ninian's Church; the building scarcely receives a mention and with the exception of their initial transportation home at the beginning, John Churchmouse and his family are excised from the story.
  • The Book 1 events of Ch. 9, Ch. 11, and Ch. 13 (all of which occur primarily at Redwall Abbey), as well as Ch. 16 and Ch. 19, do not appear.
  • The Book 1 events of Ch. 20 do not appear with the exception of the final moments, when Brother Methuselah discovers writing behind the Tapestry. Aspects of the story's narration are turned into dialogue for Methuselah.
  • The capture and rescue of Abram Vole and the Vole family does not appear.
  • After Cluny is injured from his fall, he immediately tells his horde to bring him Sela; in Redwall, Killconey recommends Sela to Cluny when they're back at Saint Ninian's.
  • The riddle sequence involving the letters on the Abbey stairs does not appear.
  • Sela instructs Chickenhound to deliver the note to Redwall while they're alone; in Redwall, Chickenhound is with horde members, and Sela asks him to fetch medical ingredients.
  • The events of Book 2 Ch. 7 involving the rhyme on the back of the tomb door does not appear with the exception of the moment Constance arrives to solve it; Chickenhound arriving at Redwall to make a deal does not appear.
  • The riddle sequence involving spikes on Martin the Warrior's tomb door does not appear.
  • The Book 2 events of Ch. 8, Ch. 12, and Ch. 20 do not appear.
  • Constance says to Sela "Tell the rats! Tell them I remember their defeat at the wall!" This line of dialogue is not in Redwall. Constance's encounter with Redtooth does not appear.
  • The scabbard of Martin the Warrior is tied to a rafter in the Sparra loft; in Redwall, the scabbard is hidden inside King Bull Sparra's armchair.
  • Jess Squirrel and Basil Stag Hare simply take back the Tapestry from Cluny, they do not replace it with a decoy.
  • Matthias is not retrieved from the Redwall Abbey Pond after falling from the roof, time skips to his arrival in the Infirmary.
  • Cheesethief's murder of Scragg does not appear.
  • The solitary Beaver does not appear.
  • Constance does not construct a crossbow; the death of Cheesethief via the crossbow does not appear.
  • The events of Book 3 Ch. 9 do not occur - the resolution of Squire Julian Gingivere and Captain Snow's quarrel is portrayed via a panel of them embracing.
  • Abbot Mortimer's final monologue to Cluny does not appear.
  • The epilogue as written by John Churchmouse that tells of Mattimeo's birth and the casting of the Matthias and Methuselah Bells is not addressed. The story concludes with Abbot Mortimer's death.
  • The characters Ambrose Spike and Winifred are largely nonexistent, receiving few illustrations.
  • Various lines of dialogue are edited from their original form in Redwall, or excised completely.
  • There is no molespeech.
  • Religious references are largely excised.


  • In's Ask Brian, Volume 4, a reader asked if Brian Jacques "ever thought of producing a Redwall comic book or graphic novel?" The response was "No." Approximately five years later, this adaptation was published.

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