Year Published: 2004
US Cover Artist: Jeanette Alig-Sergel
Page Count: 80
ISBN: ISBN 1583421874

Redwall: The Legend of Redwall Abbey, front cover


Redwall: The Legend of Redwall Abbey, back cover

Redwall: The Legend of Redwall Abbey was a two act children's musical based on the book Redwall published by DramaticPublishing. It was officially published on May 5, 2004; Vince Leonard contributed the orchestrations.

The premiere was on March 7, 1998, at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington, Delaware. The original OperaDelaware production was directed by Leland Kimbal, with music conducted and directed by Evelyn Swennson.

The musical has an approximate running time of 80 minutes, but may be cut down to an hour if desired.

See here for excerpts from the script.

The script itself is around 80 pages in length.

Promotional CD

A promotional CD featuring samples of the following songs from the musical is also available from DramaticPublishing:

  • Brothers of Redwall
  • Redwall Abbey
  • Cluny, The Scourge
  • Cluny, Cluny
  • We Are Ready
  • Whenever You See a Wrong
  • Song of the Shrews
  • Song of Asmodeus
  • I Apologize

Cast from the premiere

Photo Slideshow

This YouTube video is a photo slideshow from a performance of the play, circa 1998 (no audio).

The Legend of Redwall Abbey


The following consists of short, not-the-greatest-quality video clips from the play. The YouTube user contributed other clips, but the quality is so poor that there is no reason to showcase them here.

Redwall opera scene

Redwall opera scene

Redwall opera scene

Redwall the opera

Redwall the opera

Redwall the opera

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