Redwall: The Next Adventure front cover

Redwall: The Next Adventure back cover

Redwall: The Next Adventure is the second Redwall TV Series Region 1 DVD release since 2006, due to an agreement between Nelvana and Phase 4 Films. It is a re-release of 2004's Redwall - The Next Adventure, and contains episodes seven through thirteen of season one.

Official Summary

While Cluny plans to recapture the tapestry by burning down the Abby [sic] gates, Matthias is determined to renew his search for Martin’s sword. He now must find Asmodeus’s hideout and learns that only the Fierce mouse-eating owl, Captain Snow, knows where it is.

Join Matthias on this courageous journey to recover a legendary lost weapon, and watch as he develops the friendship between his beautiful and brave mousemaid, Cornflower. Through this epic adventure he realizes that a big heart and courage can be more useful than brute strength.



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