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Redwall - Season 1, also known as Brian Jacques' Redwall, is the first season of the Nelvana Redwall TV Series. Based on the novel Redwall by Brian Jacques, it originally aired in 1999. The Czechoslovak State Orchestra provided the soundtrack.

View all of the Season 1 PBS episode featurettes at once here. These characters appear in season one.


Episode Image Title Original U.S. Airdate Prod. #
1 RedwallS1E01 "Cluny the Scourge - part I" April 1, 2001 101
2 RedwallS1E02 "Cluny the Scourge - part II" April 1, 2001 102
3 RedwallS1E03 "Treachery" April 8, 2001 103
4 RedwallS1E04 "Sparra's Kingdom" April 8, 2001 104
5 RedwallS1E05 "Cluny's Clowns" April 15, 2001 105
6 RedwallS1E06 "High Standards" April 15, 2001 106
7 RedwallS1E07 "Captain Snow" April 16, 2001 107
8 RedwallS1E08 "Battle Plans" April 16, 2001 108
9 RedwallS1E09 "The Visitor" April 16, 2001 109
10 RedwallS1E10 "A Favour Returned" April 16, 2001 110
11 RedwallS1E11 "Asmodeus" April 16, 2001 111
12 RedwallS1E12 "Underground" April 16, 2001 112
13 RedwallTVClunyE13 "The Final Conflict" April 16, 2001 113


Principal Cast[]


Differences From Redwall[]

  • When Cluny the Scourge is driving the cart in Redwall, the sign says 15 miles. In the series, the sign says 10 miles.
  • The horse does not miss the turn in Redwall.
  • Time is measured in years instead of seasons, as Abbot Mortimer describes Matthias as having resided at Redwall Abbey for 10 years, and being age 13.
  • During the final battle, Cluny the Scourge uses Cornflower Fieldmouse as a hostage instead of Friar Hugo.
  • Basil Stag Hare, Jess Squirrel, and Matthias all go to rescue the tapestry. In the book, only Basil and Jess are involved.
  • Constance kills Fangburn by biting him. In the book, she smashes him against a wall several times.
  • Cornflower's role in the series is more active than in the book.
  • Matthias, after his expedition to learn about Asmodeus Poisonteeth from Captain Snow, returns to the Abbey, and consequently, is present for some sequences he wasn't in the book (e.g. Constance's crossbow, the siege tower, etc).
  • Dunwing becomes Queen of the Sparra tribe following the death of King Bull Sparra. In Redwall, Warbeak becomes queen.
  • The scabbard of Martin the Warrior is located in King Bull Sparra's nest; in Redwall, the scabbard is hidden inside King Bull Sparra's armchair.
  • Matthias returns to Redwall from his expedition to retrieve the Sword of Martin from Asmodeus. In the book, he returned as Cluny was seizing control of the Abbey. In order to have it more true to the book, a new scene is added in which Matthias, before Cluny begins to take over, goes off to recruit warriors.
  • Cluny attempts to starve the Redwallers in the series, but in the book, everything they needed for food was in the orchard, etc.
  • The Beaver does not appear in the TV series.
  • Ambrose Spike has a large role in the book, but in this season, all he does is perform magic tricks at the jubilee, and is later seen before the final battle.
  • Due to Ambrose's reduced role, the Vole family's capture is somewhat different than in the book. In the book, Colin Vole and his family are captured and Ambrose Spike is injured by Cluny's horde. The Redwall moles then go underground and manage to save Ambrose, who relates what happened. In the series, as the voles are captured, Colin's mother tells him to run to Redwall and tell what happened.
  • Sela is killed by Cluny's horde outside the gate, when in the book, she was executed at the camp.
  • The events of Cluny's Clowns, The Visitor, and A Favor Returned didn't occur in the book.
  • The characters Wild Ivy, Farlo, Glendel, Saffron, Dorthia, Jennie, Mighty Clodd, Myrtle, and Bigwing were not present in the book.
  • Silent Sam has a very small role in the series, but has a much larger role in the book.
  • John Churchmouse is Cornflower's father in the TV series. In the book, her father is Mr. Fieldmouse. This would make Cornflower Churchmouse an older sister to Tim and Tess Churchmouse in the 2nd season, which also makes the marriage of Mattimeo (Cornflower's son, and in the TV series, Tess' nephew) to Tess Churchmouse (and their offspring, Martin II especially) rather controversial.
  • In the TV series, the first time John Churchmouse appears is in the epilogue.
  • Abbot Mortimer takes part in the final battle against Cluny's horde, but in the book, he is not involved.
  • Cluny does not lash out at Mortimer in the series.
  • Chickenhound intentionally injures Methuselah by hitting him over the head with a candelabra. In Redwall, he uses a sack of loot.
  • Chickenhound was not chased by Friar Hugo, and did not have the sack of loot when he fled or when he was attacked by Asmodeus.
  • Redtooth was killed by Constance in the book when she threw him against a tree. In the TV series, he is killed when Cornflower spilled hot soup on him, but, oddly, is later seen running away from the siege tower (but is mentioned as being dead later).
  • Cornflower and Silent Sam find the armor of Martin the Warrior in the attic. In the book, it is hidden beneath the Abbey.
  • A little shrewbabe promises to show Matthias a cut-off to Redwall Abbey, though the scene isn't in the book.
  • In the book, Methuselah dies shortly after he is beaten by Chickenhound. In the TV series, Methuselah does not die immediately, and dies a few days later in bed.
  • Nobody knew Basil when he first arrives at the Abbey in the TV series. In the book, when Basil arrives at Redwall, it is revealed that he was an old friend to the Abbey.
  • The Summer of the Talking Squirrel was not mentioned in the epilogue of the TV series.
  • The tapestry is much different in the book than in the television series. In the television series, the words "I am that is" are shown in plain sight on the tapestry, but in the book, they are etched in the wall behind the tapestry and the tapestry does not show the future battle with Cluny the Scourge as it does in the television series.
  • In the book, Cluny's horde tried to tunnel into Redwall only once, only to be stopped by boiling hot water. In the series, they tried to tunnel twice, the first of which they were foiled by porridge and the second time by water.
  • In the TV series, both Sela and Chickenhound went into Redwall, and Sela was later thrown out of Redwall for stealing (and her son for injuring Methuselah) and killed by Cluny almost immediately. In the book, Cluny unveils their spying and has them both executed, though Chickenhound survives and drags himself to Redwall.
  • In the book, Cornflower was not present when Matthias and Methuselah worked out the riddle behind the tapestry or went beneath the stairs to Martin's tomb as she was in the TV series.
  • In the TV series, the Guosim used regular swords, not rapiers, as they did in the book.
  • In the series, two mouse maids sew the tapestry back into place. In the book, Methuselah stitches the ripped piece onto the tapestry.
  • Cluny sends out his press gangs both when he arrives at Redwall and near the final battle in the TV series. In the book, he only does it at his arrival.
  • In the TV series, Killconey spies on the Redwallers and finds out about their plan to assassinate Cluny. In the book, Killconey does no spying, whatsoever.
  • Killconey hires a magpie to help him spy on the Redwallers. The magpie also later acts as Cluny's pet, perching on his shoulder. In the book, there is no magpie.
  • In the book, when Cluny tries to infiltrate the Abbey using a plank, Constance simply kicks it off the wall, while in the TV series, she struggles to hold it up and Matthias helps her push it.
  • Skullface does not appear in the TV series, and is replaced by a random, unnamed rat. He is however mentioned later in the series while Cluny mentioned the dead.
  • Cluny pretends to be a weary traveler in order to first enter the Abbey, and is only accompanied by Redtooth and Darkclaw. In the book, he is backed by his horde and blatantly introduces himself to the Redwallers as Cluny the Scourge.
  • Darkclaw enters the Abbey with Cluny instead of Redtooth.
  • Cluny summons Shadow to him before he first enters Redwall, while in the book, he calls for Shadow after Cluny returns to his camp.
  • During the final battle, Cluny climbs up the bell tower, with Matthias following, before sliding down the bell rope to the floor. In the book, Matthias tries to escape Cluny by running up the tower, but Cluny never follows.
  • Scragg does not have as large a role in the TV series as he does in the book, and was shown as a rat instead of a weasel. Later, however, when Cluny was naming off his dead captains, he called him 'Scragg the weasel'.
  • It is revealed that Matthias saw Cluny as a child, when his hometown was pillaged. However, in the book, there is no mention of Matthias ever knowing of Cluny's existence before he arrived at Redwall.
  • Basil walked out with Matthias and Methuselah after he opened the door when it closed behind them. In the book, however, Matthias and Methuselah were able to open the door on their own and walked out of Martin's tomb alone.
  • In the series, Constance came with Matthias and Methuselah to the wall where they found the shield shaped carving. In the book, she arrived after they discovered it and told them about the shield.
  • In the series, the shield-shaped carving was covered by plants in which Constance removed. However, in the book, Foremole and his crew uncovered the rubble that was hiding it.
  • Matthias and Methuselah discovered the shield carving at daytime, not at night.
  • Killconey's death by Matthias's sword isn't shown in the series.
  • In the book, Darkclaw is killed by the boiling water. In the series, an unknown rat is killed instead, and Darkclaw is later seen before the final battle.
  • In the book, Frogblood tries to kill Matthias before the final battle. In the series, Matthias just points the sword at him threateningly.
  • A mouse tries to bring food to Redwall Abbey, but is killed by Cluny the Scourge. This scene doesn't happen in the book.

Redwall - The Movie[]

In 1999, an abridged version of Redwall - Season 1 was released on UK home video as an unofficial film titled "Redwall - The Movie." It was released on UK DVD in 2002 and on U.S. DVD in 2005.

Most of the original Nelvana material, including the episodes "Cluny's Clowns" and "The Visitor", was excised for this adaptation.


In 2006, Season 1 was released on a 2-disc DVD set.

Other DVD Releases[]


Redwall - Season One, DVD disc one


Redwall - Season One, DVD disc two

International DVD Editions[]


In 2003, an eight-volume DVD set of the show was released. The first four volumes contain season one.


In Germany, season one was released in several different volumes.


In 2003, a three disc set of the show was released in Russia.


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