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Redwall - Season 2, also known as Brian Jacques' Mattimeo: A Tale of Redwall, is the second season of the Nelvana Redwall TV Series. It is based on the novel Mattimeo by Brian Jacques.

View all of the Season 2 PBS episode featurettes at once here. These characters appear in season two.



Principal Cast[]


Differences From Mattimeo[]

  • In the book, Matthias embarks after Slagar the Cruel wearing only his abbey robe, whereas in the TV series, he wears something more like a tunic.
  • In the book, Sister May rescues Rollo from General Ironbeak, not Cornflower Fieldmouse.
  • In the book, Sister May tends to Stryk Redkite, not Cornflower.
  • When Stryk Redkite attacks General Ironbeak, Ironbeak's rooks suppress her before she breaks free and kills him. In the book, she killed him directly without any interruption.
  • In the book, Fleaback was a weasel and was one of the five weasels to be sent south by Matthias. However, in the television series, Fleaback is a stoat and he is pushed from the cliff by Slagar.
  • When Slagar tells Mattimeo his story in the television series, Threeclaws is present. In the book, only Mattimeo is there.
  • In the book, Slagar doesn't tell Mattimeo that he is Chickenhound. Instead, Mattimeo tells Sam Squirrel the information that Slagar gave to him and it is Sam Squirrel who reveals Slagar to be Chickenhound. In the TV series, Slagar directly tells Mattimeo that he is Chickenhound.
  • In the television series, Hairbelly and Wedgeback do not exist. The latter's death is altered so Fleaback dies by being pushed off the plateau.
  • In the book, Tim Churchmouse, Mattimeo and his friends beat Vitch after he lies and tells them their loved ones are dead; and the slavers have to use canes to physically pry them off of Vitch. In the television series, Mattimeo's gang advances on Vitch and prepares to beat him up, but Vitch turns and runs into Slagar. The slavers aren't involved in that scene.
  • Some of the Blackrobe Rats used axes in the series, while in the book, they only used spears.
  • Orlando the Axe pronounces his warcry "Euliaaa!", although it is spelled "Eulaliaaa" in the book.
  • The slavers tell the young captives that they're taking them to Malkariss and laugh mockingly; whereas in the book, the slavers have no idea where they are going, but when Slagar tells them, they are terrified.
  • Threeclaws uses a trident instead of a hook in the TV series.
  • In the book, both Cynthia Bankvole and Jubilation Stump are too afraid to cross the chasm, so they are blindfolded. In the series, only Cynthia is blindfolded.
  • Queen Warbeak tells her Sparra that they are free to return to Redwall when they are near Matthias, but the sparrow warriors stay and prove their loyalty. This scene doesn't happen in the book.
  • In the novel, Warbeak is dead before Matthias finds her, but in the TV series, she talks to him before dying.
  • In the book, Vitch and Browntooth go into the water to search for the escaped Redwallers, but in the TV series, it is Vitch and Threeclaws who go into the water.
  • In the book, the Painted Ones are tree-rats, whereas in the TV series, they are lemurs.
  • In the book, when Matthias and the others are in the river, Orlando knocks Cheek Stag Otter into the water with his axe. In the TV series, Orlando just tips the raft over.
  • In the book, Log-a-Log is fatally wounded by a spear to his throat while he is fighting. However, in the TV series, he is wounded when he takes a spear in the back, thrown by Slagar and meant for Matthias.
  • In the series, Stryk kills Ironbeak above the grounds. In the book, Ironbeak doesn't even make it out of the abbey before Stryk kills him.
  • In the series, Cornflower, Constance, Winifred, Rollo, and Foremole go into the founder's place. In the book, Constance does not go, a mole named Gaffer does.
  • In the book, it is Gaffer who catches the slabs, not Foremole.
  • In the book, the hedgehogs attack Orlando by rolling themselves into balls and hurling themselves at him, whereas in the TV series, they attack him with staves.
  • In the book, Vitch used a willow cane and hit Mattimeo with it. In the TV series, he used a whip and did not hit Mattimeo.


In 2006, Season 2 was released on a 2-disc DVD set.

International DVD Editions[]


In 2003, an eight-volume DVD set of the show was released in France. The last four volumes contain season two.


In 2003, a three disc set of the show was released in Russia.


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