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Redwall - Season 3, also known as Brian Jacques' Martin the Warrior: A Tale of Redwall, is the third and final season of the Nelvana Redwall TV Series, based on the novel Martin the Warrior by Brian Jacques. It occurs seven seasons after the events of Mattimeo, so many of the same characters still reside at Redwall Abbey.

View all of the Season 3 PBS episode featurettes at once here. These characters appear in season three.



Principal Cast[]


Differences from Martin the Warrior[]

  • The TV series opens with Tim Churchmouse reading the story to Redwall Abbey residents seven seasons after the events of Mattimeo; whereas Aubretia tells them the story after the events of Mariel of Redwall in the Martin the Warrior. Though Tim does mention that he only knows the story due to it being told by travelers long ago, implying that Aubretia and Bultip's visit may still be canon in the series.
  • Sayna's death does not occur in the TV Series, nor is it mentioned.
  • Laterose of Noonvale's death in the TV series is caused by Badrang the Tyrant falling on her. However, she was thrown against a wall in the book.
  • In the TV series, Luke the Warrior leaves to fight Badrang. In the book, Luke leaves to fight Vilu Daskar.
  • Pallum was male in the book, the character is female in the television series.
  • Skalrag was tickle tortured after he proved himself disloyal to Badrang, which lead to his death when dangling above Fort Marshank's gates. However, in the book, Skalrag was tortured by stretching on a torture rack and then killed above the gates of Marshank by being used for target practice for poison-tipped arrows.
  • In the book, after Martin saved Dinjer's life, by shoving him off a cliff edge where the gannet's nest was located and into a waiting net constructed by Martin's group below, Dinjer attacked Martin with a stick, to which Queen Amballa defended Martin by smacking Dinjer and calling him a stupid little beast.
  • Barkjon noticed Druwp was spying in the TV series when Skarlrag called him at night while in the book, probably only Keyla knew about Druwp at that time.
  • Felldoh beat Badrang with a javelin and slew twenty vermin soldiers in the book before he was killed. In the television series, Felldoh didn't beat Badrang. Instead, he took the Sword of Martin from Badrang and pointed it at him. He also died without killing any of Badrang's soldiers.
  • Pallum goes with Martin and Rose to save Grumm from the bees. However, in the book, he stayed behind.
  • Boldred's family doesn't appear in the television series.
  • Badrang's death in the television series is caused by him falling on Martin's sword. In the book, Martin and Badrang fought over the sword and Martin stabbed him.
  • Dinjer doesn't hit Martin after the warrior had rescued him from the nest of the gannet.
  • In the series, Keyla panicked when the tunnel caves in, but in the book, Keyla actually was the only one who does not react with fear, but rather snaps in anger.
  • Wulpp never figured out that Brome was really a mouse in the book.
  • The tree felling scene in the book is not in the series.
  • Aggril does not appear in the television series.
  • In the TV series, Martin and Rose confess their love for each other; this never happens in the book.
  • In the TV series, Martin leaves his sword behind after the final battle and vows never to use it again. He then heads south, without his weapon, which calls into question how it got to Redwall Abbey for the events of season one. In the book, the sword accompanies Martin south to Mossflower Woods.
  • When Boldred attacks the Gawtrybe in the book, she grabs a few of them by their tails and drops them before catching them again. In the TV series, however, she makes no means of catching them, thus presumably killing the squirrels.
  • In the book, the Warden of Marshwood Hill eats the lizards, instead of throwing them in the river as he does in the series.
  • The Rambling Rosehip Players performance is shortened in the series.
  • In the series, Druwp grabs Barkjon and is about to murder him when Felldoh kills him. In the book, Druwp never does this and Felldoh kills him as he tries to escape.
  • In the book, Crosstooth is killed when Martin stabs him. In the series, Amballa and Martin throw him off the wall into the pit.
  • Martin was overcome by merciful darkness after killing Badrang and holding on to Rose. In the series, he held to her for a time before rising and moving on.
  • In the book, when Martin holds onto Rose, he whispers to her, "Rose, we could have chopped down the sycamore with this" and is thereafter unconscious for a season, only waking up once at Polleekin's treehouse to weep and not saying a single word until the day he finally decides to leave. He also never talks of Rose again. In the series he is conscious for the entire journey back, gives Rose a eulogy, and says before he leaves that the memories of her are too painful.


In 2006, Season 3 was released on a 2-disc DVD set.

International DVD Editions[]


In April 2006, the first in a series of DVDS for the show was released in Germany.


In 2003, a three disc set of the show was released in Russia.