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Redwall AbbeyCraft: The Corsair's Last Treasure was a Minecraft adventure map that served as the precursor to The Lost Legends of Redwall games. Originally released on August 9, 2013, it covered approximately 16 square kilometers of territory in every direction from Redwall Abbey. To utilize the map, a copy of Minecraft was required, which cost $26 at the time of its release. Early usage required minimum $5 donation to the Lost Legends of Redwall Kickstarter; early access to a private AbbeyCraft server required a minimum $39 Kickstarter pledge. Both later became publicly available for free.

As of 2021, the Minecraft server has been discontinued. The server and map have been archived by Soma Games and are available to download for free below. The game's narrative inspired Soma Games' mobile app episode The Flowers of Icetor.

Redwall AbbeyCraft Development History[]

In April 2013, Soma Games launched a Kickstarter with the goal of raising $11,000 for a Minecraft map of Redwall Abbey. The project officially achieved complete funding on the evening of May 6, and by the campaign's end on May 26, $17,618 was contributed. Out of a list of bonus locations, Saint Ninian's Church was unlocked after the campaign received $16,000. With the addition of funds raised via PayPal, Gingivere's Farm also became an in-map place.

Getting Started[]

On Windows

  • Access Windows Explorer (Start -> Run -> Explorer or Windows Key +R -> Explorer)
  • In the Search bar, search for %appdata%
  • Select the .minecraft folder
  • Select the 'saves' subfolder
  • Extract the directory within the zip file to the 'saves' subfolder
  • Launch Minecraft
  • Select Singleplayer
  • On the World Select screen, choose AbbeyCraft and play!

On Mac

  • Access Minecraft Saves Folder in your Finder (Library -> Application Support -> Minecraft -> Saves)
  • Decompress/Extract the AbbeyCraft directory (probably in your Downloads folder) and drag or copy to your Minecraft 'Saves' subfolder
  • Launch Minecraft
  • Select Singleplayer
  • On the World Select screen, choose AbbeyCraft and play!

Official Synopsis[]

You are a young mouse that has just been accepted as a novice to the famous order of Redwall Abbey. Under the fatherly guidance of Abbot Cedric you begin your training in the healing arts that have made Redwall a place of refuge and sanctuary for all the peace-loving woodlanders of Mossflower Wood.

But a grave danger threatens the lives of all woodlanders and even the celebration of your first day at the Abbey is clouded by news of a dreaded plague – Dryditch Fever.

Entrusted with a desperate mission to solve the riddles of Abbess Vale and find the lost treasure of the feared corsair Deadeye, you must travel the ways and wilds of Mossflower Woods to save the sick molebabe of Lilygrove and stem the spread of the dreaded sickness.


A young mouse quests to Redwall Abbey to become a healer during the time of Abbot Cedric.

After meeting the Abbot, the mouse performs some basic tasks around the Abbey before venturing into the Infirmary, where he receives a book on brewing potions. It's discovered that Dryditch Fever is ravaging Lilygrove, and a cure is needed.

Later, the mouse travels to Saint Ninian's Church and a mole mine before returning to Redwall, where he prepares a mushroom stew. The mouse heads out to the residence of stoat healer Valo Scrimpaw and acquires some additional healing items. The journey continues throughout Mossflower Woods, as he collects several more items, eventually stopping at Gingivere's Farm.

The mouse quests to the corsair hideout of Deadeye Pete before finally making his way to Lilygrove, where he brews a healing potion, rescues the sick young mole, and stops a pandemic from occuring.

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