Should I read Redwall in chronological order?

No, you should not read Redwall in chronological order. It is strongly advised that you opt for publication order instead. Many books contain character and storyline references from previously published works, and part of the enjoyment is seeing those mysteries unfold.

What order do the Redwall books go in?

The following is a list consisting of the chronology of the Redwall books, inclusive of all plot framework.

If you want to read the books in chronological order, only pay attention to the bullet points.

The Legend of Luke: In the Wake of the Red Ship
Prologue and epilogue to Mossflower, approximately
Prologue and epilogue to Martin the Warrior, approximately
Prologue and epilogue to Lord Brocktree, approximately


  • Mossflower is the sequel to Martin the Warrior.
  • Martin the Warrior (The prologue and epilogue) is the sequel to Mariel of Redwall.
  • The Legend of Luke is the sequel to Mossflower.
  • Outcast of Redwall is the sequel to The Legend of Luke.
  • The Bellmaker is the sequel to Mariel of Redwall.
  • Mattimeo is the sequel to Redwall.
  • Pearls of Lutra is the sequel to Mattimeo.
  • The Long Patrol is the sequel to Pearls of Lutra.
  • Marlfox is the sequel to The Long Patrol.
  • Taggerung is the sequel to Marlfox.
  • Triss is the sequel to Taggerung.

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