Grumm, Martin the Warrior, Bungo, Matthias, and Laterose of Noonvale Redwall Figurines

Redwall Figurines are miniature statuettes of Redwall characters first released in 1998 by Julie London, an American sculptor.

Based on characters from various novels and officially licensed by Random House, the Redwall Figurines include Grumm, Martin the Warrior, Bungo, Matthias, and Laterose of Noonvale. Some were based on Troy Howell's cover designs and others were from her own imagination inspired by the pages she read. London sculpted more than the five her company Second Story Studios produced, but she settled on those five to make the first series with the approval of Brian Jacques, who enjoyed the figurines.

They were originally available for purchase at

The figurines are still available, but considered extremely rare. According to the website, all of the Redwall sculptures are completely sold out, with the exception of Grumm, of which there are limited quantities.

Figurines of Mariel and Tramun Clogg were to follow this first set, however they did not make it into production. Mariel (left) and Tramun Clogg (right) Redwall Figurines can be spotted in this photo below.

Julie London and the Redwall Figurines

As of 2012, Julie London resides in California.


Quantities and original prices of the figurines are as follows:

  • Martin the Warrior: 7,500 made; original price - $48
  • Matthias: 7,500 made; original price - $42.50
  • Laterose: 5,000 made; original price - $32.50
  • Grumm: 5,000 made; original price - $28.50
  • Bungo: 5,000 made; original price - $18.75

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