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This article deals with the differences in the species that appear in the Redwall books. For more information on individual species, click each species name.

Listing of the Species

All references in weight/size are given relative to Mus Musculus (Mice). (15-19/12-40 50%+) Order

This article is not intended to be a definitive list of all known characters of every species, that's why categories exist. Your favorite character of any given species may not be listed here.

Good Creatures


Badgers are tremendously large (in comparison) beasts with long lifespans, and a tremendous sense of honor and duty. Badgers traditionally rule over Salamandastron and are often great warriors. Most badgers are often badly affected by the Bloodwrath.

Famous Badgers


Bats are known to reside at Bat Mountpit. They are usually blind and feel their way by touch with their wingclaws. They generally tend to be good creatures.

Famous Bats


Dormice are friendly, fuzzy-tailed creatures closely related to squirrels. For the most part, they are simple in tastes, and care greatly for otherbeasts; a few have also been known for not being very bright. They seem to have a love for food; many have worked in the kitchens, and nearly all of them are pudgy or overweight.

Famous Dormice


Hares are generally known for being loud, comical, obnoxious, and having vast appetites. Most are perilous beasts, and many reside at Salamandastron (serving in the Long Patrol).

Famous Hares


These prickly beasts come from all walks of life, from warriors to cooks to riverbeasts. They are typically easy-going and friendly, and it is traditional (though not exclusive) for the cellarkeeper of Redwall Abbey to be a hedgehog.

Famous Hedgehogs


Mice are the founding order of Redwall Abbey. In terms of peacefulness, they are a mixed bag. Most mice are peace-loving, but the most famous warriors from the series are mice. It is common for an Abbot or Abbess to be a mouse.

Famous Mice


Moles are sensible beasts with a quaint dialect and a penchant for industrial work. The mole leader at Redwall Abbey is normally called Foremole. Moles do not usually make warriors. They are good diggers.

Famous Moles


Commonly found in or around water, otters are playful, excellent fighters, and quite partial to Hotroot Soup. Their leaders are usually called Skipper.

Famous Otters


Though rarely seen throughout the series, rabbits are very quirky characters. Those that do appear are invariably pacifist. Notably, hares are often mistaken for rabbits.

Famous Rabbits


Seals are known as "Seafolk". They generally appear to be good and friendly creatures.

Famous Seals


Shrews are small and short, though also hot-tempered and argumentative, and extremely good warriors. Most of them carry Rapiers at their side. Shrews more than any other woodlander have the tendency to be very unpredictable and sometimes may be viewed as grey characters. Pygmy shrews are a smaller variety of shrews characterized by their complete lack of discipline and their predilection for playing dangerous and cruel pranks.

Famous Shrews

Good shrews

Grey shrews


Squirrels can be fierce fighters and are usually considered to be on the "good" side. The notable exception was the Gawtrybe, known to be utterly ruthless and undisciplined. All squirrels are excellent climbers.

Famous Squirrels


Voles are not as common as mice but exhibit a similar personality type. Some families live near rivers, and many reside at Redwall Abbey. Inclusive of both bankvoles and watervoles. Voles have been known to be grey characters.

Famous Voles

Evil Creatures


Wildcats are large and menacing, and appear only as horde leaders. Feral cats, on the other hand, are more like common vermin and appear in High Rhulain. Some cats are good, but most are evil.

Famous Cats


So far, the only ermine found have been in Rakkety Tam and The Bellmaker. They are very similar to stoats, and some have fur that turns from brown in the summer to white in the winter.

Famous Ermine


Ferrets are stereotypical villains, and can be found in most hordes or gangs, whether as leaders or followers. Some of Redwall's most famous grey characters are ferrets.

Famous Ferrets


Foxes are a sly, devious and unique brand of vermin. Many female foxes are healers and/or seers, while male foxes are often better warriors than the common vermin.

Famous Foxes

Pine Martens:

Pine Martens appear in only three books: Mossflower ,Pearls of Lutra, and High Rhulain. In all three they are in positions of authority.

Famous Pine Martens


Included in this category are all the types of rats: searats, bilgerats, brownrats, water rats and regular rats. Rats are the most common villains in the Redwall series and are often stupid and weak, several of them being defeated by a single warrior. Some rats, however, are intelligent and powerful enough to command hordes.

Famous Rats


Reptiles and amphibians in the Redwall universe are typically (but not exclusively) villains, and include toads, frogs, lizards, slow worms (also called smooth worms),, newts and turtles. Snakes, toads and monitor lizards are generally evil. A particular species of lizards led by a red-frilled lizard even engages in cannibalistic behavior. A few reptiles are harmless and kept as pets.

Famous Reptiles/Amphibians

Evil Reptiles/Amphibians
Pet Reptiles


Sables have only appeared in The Sable Quean as vermin leaders.

Famous Sables


Stoats are found in many vermin hordes. Some are leaders.

Famous Stoats


Wearets, as mentioned in Loamhedge, are a crossbreed of a ferret and a weasel, and are quite large compared to other vermin. They have a tendency to slobber a lot, and have no visible ears.

Famous Wearets


Weasels are often found in vermin hordes, and occasionally are the horde leaders themselves.

Famous Weasels


Wolverines only appear in Rakkety Tam, and serve as leaders of the Land of Ice and Snow.

Famous Wolverines


"Black" birds

These birds are typically evil creatures and include ravens, rooks, crows, magpies and jackdaws.

Famous "black" birds

Good birds

Birds of prey (such as eagles, falcons or owls) and other birds are generally considered good.

Famous good birds

"Grey" birds

Certain species of seabirds and birds who live in lakes, ponds and streams, may be good or evil, depending on the circumstances. They are characteristically very dangerous, relatively violent, and unpredictable. These include herons, gannets, gulls, buzzards, and swans. Gulls are typically considered evil.

Famous "grey" birds


Most fish are usually not granted character status, and are mainly consumed as food. However, certain varieties of large fish have been notable for their fighting abilities. Such fish, which include pikes and eels, are occasionally allies of Goodbeasts. Generally however, large fish can be dangerous creatures likely to harm or eat other creatures.

Famous Fish

Single Species:

The only known representatives of their species in the series. These species include: