Redwall Study Guide

Redwall Study Guide

Year Published: 2003
Page Count: 86
ISBN: 1586091964 ISBN 1586092553
Redwall Study Guide CD-ROM

Redwall Study Guide CD-ROM

The Redwall Study Guide was published August 15, 2003 by Progeny Press. It was written by Robert and Janice Delong.

Product Description

Peaceful Redwall Abbey is suddenly threatened by Cluny the Scourge, a terrible one-eyed rat and his horde of minions. Matthias, a quiet and unsure young mouse novice rises to the challenge; but he needs the sword of Martin the Warrior! What clues lie in the old sayings and tapestries? Enjoy this epic tale filled with rich characters, true good, and frightening evil.

Looking for more than activity sheets or a who-did-what series of questions? Want to dig into the essence of the novel? This study guide provides easy-to-use, reproducible lessons on literary terms, comprehension and analysis, critical thinking, related scriptural principles, vocabulary, and activities, plus a complete answer key. Examines issues from a Christian perspective. Excellent for private schools and home study. Also an excellent reference for public school teachers, but biblical references may have to be removed.


This instructional guide was written as a teaching tool for the book Redwall, intended for grades 5-8. It features exercises and lessons involving vocabulary, literary terms, comprehension and analysis, scriptural principles, and critical thinking. An accompanying CD-ROM containing PDF files was also released.

It is not known for certain whether it has been authorized by Philomel or Brian Jacques.

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