The Tapestry of Martin the Warrior is greatly prized at Redwall Abbey, and hangs in the Great Hall, an idea which came from Columbine.

Many of the Abbey citizens talk to the figure of Martin in the center, as they believe his spirit is a part of the tapestry. The tapestry is considered to be the heart of Redwall Abbey. It was originally a small woven figure of Martin the Elder Warrior, Martin's grandfather, and somehow passed down to Sayna, probably from Luke the Warrior. Vurg and Beau then gave it to Martin.

Later, Redwall inhabitants expanded the tapestry under the supervision of Brother Hubert based on sketches of Martin found in the Gatehouse.

Occasionally, vermin have attempted to steal the tapestry. Cluny the Scourge sent his hordebeast Shadow inside the Abbey to successfully take Martin's image. Eventually, Basil Stag Hare and Jess Squirrel were able to recover it, and Methuselah made sewing repairs. Another incident happened when the tapestry was stolen by Ascrod, Vannan, Dakkle, and Beelu; it was recovered by Songbreeze Swifteye, Dannflower Reguba, Dippler and Burble.

A rose can also be seen at Martin's right foot, possibly indicating his long-lost true love, Laterose of Noonvale.

In Pearls of Lutra, the tapestry was the hiding place of one of the Tears of all Oceans.

In the Redwall TV Series, the tapestry depicts events predicted from the future, such as Cluny fighting the goodbeasts of Redwall Abbey.


The tapestry appears in all books except Lord Brocktree, Martin the Warrior, Mossflower, and Outcast of Redwall.

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