This page serves as a timeline for all the occurrences in the Redwall saga.

Primeval Period

  • Lord Stonepaw arrives at Salamandastron, forms Stonepaw's Stalwarts.
  • Verdauga discovers Kotir, takes residence, sires two children, Tsarmina Greeneyes and Gingivere. In the process, he terrorizes Mossflower and drives the tribe of Luke the Warrior north.
  • Woodlanders led by Barkstripe fight against the Greeneyes family; Barkstripe is slain in battle.
  • Lord Brocktree dies after Boar reaches Salamandastron.
  • Vilu Daskar attacks Luke's tribe. Sayna is killed, and several creatures are taken captive.
  • Luke the Warrior captures the Greenhawk and sails after Vilu Daskar.

Early Period

  • Badrang the Tyrant arrives on the North Shores and abandons Tramun Clogg, taking his vermin northeast.
  • Martin the Warrior is captured by Badrang.
  • Vilu Daskar and Luke are killed during the sinking of the Goreleech. Luke's remaining companions execute any surviving searats and establish camp in the ruins of the ship.

Tyrant Period

  • Martin the Warrior arrives in Mossflower Woods, and is taken captive by Verdauga Greeneyes.
  • Verdauga Greeneyes is assassinated by Tsarmina and Fortunata; Tsarmina usurps power over Mossflower.
  • Loamhedge mice arrive in Mossflower.
  • Martin, Gonff, and Young Dinny quest to Salamandastron to find Boar the Fighter.
  • Boar, the questors, and the Long Patrol engage in battle with Ripfang and his crew. Ripfang and Boar are both slain.

Reformation Period

  • Martin, Gonff, and Dinny quest north to learn about the fate of Luke the Warrior.
  • Construction ends on Redwall Abbey.
  • Martin goes off on an unknown quest.
  • Sunflash the Mace comes to Salamandastron.
  • After an attempted murder, Veil is banished from Redwall Abbey.
  • Swartt's horde is defeated.

First Intermediate Period

  • Greypatch and his crew are defeated.
  • Gabool is defeated; Rawnblade gives the Joseph Bell to Redwall Abbey.
  • Mariel and Dandin go off to seek adventures.
  • The Bell Tower is completed, and the Joseph Bell installed in it.
  • Aubretia and Bultip come to the Abbey and share the story of Martin the Warrior; the Late Rose is planted in the grounds.
  • Gael is sprung from the dungeons of Castle Floret and gathers an army.
  • Urgan Nagru and his horde are defeated by Southswarders and Redwallers.
  • Mara runs away from Salamandastron.
  • Ferahgo and Urthstripe kill each other; Urthwyte becomes Badger Lord of Salamandastron.
  • Descendants of Gonff the Mousethief are banished from Redwall Abbey for thievery; Gonfelin tribe formed.

Pax Muscaflori

  • Period of prolonged peace throughout Mossflower Country.
  • The abandoned Loamhedge Abbey is destroyed in an earthquake.
  • The Sword of Martin is taken by the Sparra and subsequently lost to Asmodeus.

High Period

  • Matthias is found orphaned and taken into Redwall.
  • Sela the Vixen and Chickenhound executed by Cluny. Chickenhound survives the attempt and crawls to Redwall, where he is given medical treatment.
  • Chickenhound escapes Redwall with stolen property.
  • Asmodeus attacks Chickenhound and leaves him for dead. Chickenhound pulls through his injuries but is left mutilated.
  • Sword of Martin recovered from Asmodeus' lair in the Quarry. Asmodeus is killed by Matthias.
  • Cluny the Scourge is slain by Matthias, and his army is subsequently wiped out. Abbot Mortimer is fatally injured and dies shortly afterward.
  • Brother Mordalfus becomes the new Abbot of Redwall.
  • Chickenhound adopts a new identity as Slagar the Cruel and begins his wanderings.
  • Slagar the Cruel kidnaps several youths from Redwall, including Mattimeo.
  • General Ironbeak launches an assault on Redwall. The Sparra reserve garrison, including the old, sick, and children, is wiped out.
  • Matthias and his allies track Slagar to the Kingdom of Malkariss.
  • Redwallers launch a counterattack on Ironbeak's forces. General Ironbeak is killed in action, and his remaining forces surrender.
  • Slagar the Cruel falls down a well. Matthias and Mattimeo return to Redwall.

Second Intermediate Period

  • Fermald the Ancient inherits the Tears of all Oceans from the deceased Graylunk and hides them in various places around Redwall Abbey.
  • Piknim is slain by jackdaws at Saint Ninian's; the structure is ordered burnt by Rollo.
  • Gormad finally dies of injuries sustained in battle with Cregga; Damug Warfang treacherously slays Byral Fleetclaw to ascend to the position of chief.
  • Lady Cregga Rose Eyes is blinded for life and comes to Redwall Abbey.
  • Russano the Wise becomes Lord of Salamandastron.
  • The reign of the Marlfoxes comes to an end; Mighty Megraw becomes king of Castle Marl.
  • Deyna, the long-lost son of Rillflag, returns home to Redwall after fifteen seasons' absence.
  • Cregga, the longest-ruling badger mother in Redwall history, is slain by Vallug Bowbeast.
  • King Sarengo is slain by Berussca, but not before inadvertently creating a monster by binding her children together with a mace and chain.

Late Period

  • Gulo comes to Mossflower, leaving a trail of slaughter behind him.
  • Tam defeats Gulo and becomes the next Abbey Warrior.
  • Tiria Wildlough answers a call from the spirit of her ancestor and becomes the next High Rhulain of Green Isle.
  • Riggu Felis is defeated.
  • Gorath becomes Lord of Salamandastron.

Modern Era

("Thousands of seasons" after the events of Mossflower according to Korvus Skurr)

  • The Gonfelins return to Redwall Abbey after generations of banishment.
  • Lair of the Wytes is destroyed; Baliss and Korvus Skurr are slain.
  • Ravagers kidnap many Redwall and Mossflower young ones; Flandor is slain.
  • Zwilt wages war on Redwall; both he and Vilaya are slain.
  • Razzid Wearat and his crew attack the High North Coast with disastrous results, and are forced back home to Irgash.
  • Razzid returns to Mossflower country with a wheeled ship to attack Salamandastron and Redwall Abbey.
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