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Redwall Abbey: The Official Brian Jacques Website, otherwise known as, has been the official website for Brian Jacques since 1996.


In the mid-1990s, an 11-year-old Dave Lindsay asked Brian Jacques if he could be his official webmaster, and Jacques wholeheartedly approved. A site was launched in 1996, and hosted at the url

In 1997, Dave moved the site to the more familiar Over the years, the site has hosted various contests, including "Ask Brian", where fans had the opportunity to ask a question of Mr. Jacques himself.

In 1999, Dave hosted an online chat with Mr. Jacques. You can read the chat here.

In 2008, received a major layout re-design.

After managing the official Redwall website for over 14 years, Dave stepped down from the role of head webmaster in 2010.

In June 2011, Redwall Abbey changed domains to and rebranded the website with a new look, store and discussion forum.

In December 2015, the official forum went down due to unknown actions by the webmaster. An unofficial replacement forum was established at the Loamhedge Abbey Forum website.

In February 2017, the official forums returned after some chats between the webmaster of and a group of forum users. In April 2017, the official forums merged with Loamhedge Abbey and became the "Redwall Abbey Community Forums", while remaining under the domain.

Brian Jacques' original 1996 Redwall Abbey "Welcome" message (file info) —

Redwall Club/Redwall Readers Club

In the early stages of the site, Lindsay also hosted an official Redwall Abbey club. In order to join, one had to successfully complete a Redwall-themed crossword puzzle.

The site was home to the official Redwall Readers Club, later known as the Redwall La Dita Book Club. Members received a membership pack upon joining, and then a further 2 mailings in the next year or so. The packet contents varied, but usually it consisted of stickers, bookmarks, recipes, quizzes, Mr. Jacques' biography, a poster, and Redwall collector cards. Memberships costed £5.00.

La Dita Book Club is also home to the Redwall La Dita Co. Ltd. Book Shop, where all UK Edition books purchased are signed by Mr. Jacques.

Faces of the Redwall Abbey

Redwall Abbey has had multiple looks over the past decade.

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