Species: Bankvole
Place of Origin: Redwall Abbey
Gender: Male
Death: Unknown
Appears: Mattimeo, Pearls of Lutra
TV Series: Season 2

Rollo Bankvole was an orphaned male bankvole of Redwall Abbey and the son of Lettie (who was killed by Slagar's Gang). As a Dibbun, he was quite mischievous and tended to get into trouble frequently. At one point, he was captured by General Ironbeak and held hostage in Redwall's bell tower. He was, however, rescued by other Redwallers. In his youth, he worked in the Abbey wine cellars. He idolized Basil Stag Hare and Ambrose Spike, and was often scolded by his mother for repeating the songs they sang. Rollo was also useful to the Redwallers when solving the riddle Martin the Warrior spoke to Abbot Mordalfus. The solution to the riddle would help Matthias, Basil, Jess Squirrel, and Orlando the Axe complete their quest to find the missing young ones. Rollo found Redwall's foundation Stone and the statue of Abbess Germaine and the other riddle that was inside the book she was holding. Rollo, Cornflower, and Mrs. Churchmouse solved yet another riddle which led to the finding of the bird statues on Redwall Abbey's roof, which had writing on them. Warbeak copied it by doing a "rubbing" and with some of her sparrows delivered it to Matthias and company.

Rollo as a Dibbun

As an adult, he became the head Recorder of Redwall. He wore spectacles and was fairly learned and intelligent, but not without a sense of humor. He was of great assistance to Tansy, Craklyn and Piknim in their search for the Tears of all Oceans. He ordered the burning of St. Ninian's after Piknim had been killed by jackdaws who were residing in it.


Rollo from the Redwall TV Series

  • Historically, Rollo was a viking ruler of Normandy.
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