Rose of Noonvale is the series finale episode of the Redwall TV Series. For other uses, see Rose (disambiguation).

"Rose of Noonvale"

Production #
Original U.S. Airdate
July 28, 2002
Original Canadian Airdate
Running time
22 min.
Written by
Steve Roberts
Directed by
Luc Bihan


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Official Synopsis

The Fur and Freedom Fighters attempt to batter the Marshank gates, but it will not yield and so they are forced to retreat. Meanwhile, inside the walls, Badrang humiliates his rival, Clogg. Regrouping, Martin plans his next attack. Hatching a cunning battle plan that would give each group a precise role in conquering Badrang and Clogg, it becomes clear that Martin has now truly become a leader. He and Rose confess their love for each other in a brief and beautiful calm before the storm. In the battle, each group fulfills its purpose and Martin's army courageously retakes Marshank but not before Rose heroically sacrifices her own life to save Martin from Badrang.

Martin, unaware of Rose's fate, leads his troops to victory. His triumph, though, turns to unspeakable grief when he discovers that his beloved Rose has died. Overwhelmed by sadness, Martin buries Rose. Brome invites all to return with him to Noonvale and return to peace. Martin returns to Noonvale briefly as do many other creatures. Rose can be heard singing in the background. Now that Badrang is dead and Clogg has been driven mad, the fighters bid their farewells and begin the long trek home. But Martin will not join them. He has chosen to journey on alone and devote his life to peace. We learn from Tim Churchmouse as he concludes his story, that it is Martin who ultimately helped to found Redwall Abbey.

Differences from Martin the Warrior

  • In the book, Badrang killed Rose by hurling her against a wall. In the TV series, it is implied that she is stabbed.
  • During their duel in the book, Martin and Badrang both grab on to the sword hilt and Martin turns it around and rams it into Badrang's heart. In the episode, the stoat falls down onto the blade as Martin holds it out.
  • Martin and Laterose never confess their love for each other in the book.
  • In the episode, Martin throws down his sword after the battle and vows never to use it again. In the book, he kept and used it when he journeyed to Mossflower Woods, and hung it up only after the events of the book Mossflower.


Segments include:

  • "Boldred"
  • "How Pirates Use Maps"
  • "Dan Mokriy, Compositor"

Redwall TV Featurette Rose of Noonvale

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