Rosyqueen Stump

Rosyqueen TV Series.png
Rosyqueen from the Redwall TV Series

Species: Hedgehog
Place of Origin: Mossflower Woods
Gender: Female
Death: Unknown
Appears: Mattimeo
TV Series: Season 2

Rosyqueen Stump was a female hedgehog who lived in a hollow log in Mossflower Woods with her family, and later moved to Redwall Abbey. She was the wife of Jabez Stump, mother of Jube and 10 daughters, and grandmother of Friar Higgle Stump and Furlo Stump.

She tended to accept her family's bustling as a lifetime's work. Rosyqueen was firm and strict with her daughters when she needed to.

When Jabez returned with their son, Rosyqeen and the rest of her family moved into Redwall Abbey.

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