Species: Badger
Place of Origin: Unknown
Gender: Female
Weapon: Sling, Bow and Arrows, Javelin (with launcher)
Death: Unknown, presumably old age
Appears: Martin the Warrior
Voice(s): Ellen-Ray Hennessy
TV Series: Season 3

Rowanoak was a large old female badger with dark eyes. She was a co-founder of the Rambling Rosehip Players, and described as the players' cart puller, props mistress, and main baritone. Rowanoak wore a tunic quartered gold and crimson with a green border and black tie belt, just like the other Rambling Rosehip Players. She took part in a diversionary show that helped many of Fort Marshank's prisoners to escape. Rowanoak was also skilled at sewing; she made a green banner depicting a javelin severing a chain which was the representation for the Fur and Freedom Fighters that Felldoh was training to attack Marshank. Rowanoak was a fierce, strong fighter, but she showed no signs of the Bloodwrath. She is believed to have lived out the rest of her days in Noonvale.

Rowanoak from the Redwall TV Series

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