The Royal House of Riftgard Script was the written language of the Pure Ferrets at Riftgard. All of the objects produced in Riftgard were inscribed with R.H.O.R. in the Riftgard script. The system was also used to write maps, clues, and other documents.

According to the hamster Mokug, only pure ferrets could read the script. However, it was not a separate language but a different writing system. Sagaxus and his friends discovered several items with the R.H.O.R. inscription on them, and the boat Triss sailed away on was full of items with the script.

However, the script was only translated by the goodbeasts when a parchment with the script was discovered by Mokug. King Sarengo was apparently forgetful of the script, and inscribed an alphabet at the top of the parchment. Churk, with the help of the spirit of Martin the Warrior, was able to translate the rhyme written there. The parchment turned out to be a clue to the location of Brockhall.


Redwall fan Michael was so dedicated to the script that he devised a computer font based off of it.


If you are a Microsoft Windows user, after downloading right-click the TTF file and select "Install". If you use a Mac, open the font file, and click "Install" in the Font Book.

Download [1].

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The Royal House of Riftgard Script appears in Triss.

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