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Ruffgar "Ruff" Brookback

Ruffgar Brookback.jpg

Species: Otter
Place of Origin: Mossflower Woods
Gender: Male
Weapon: Javelin
Death: Unknown
Appears: Lord Brocktree

Ruffgar Brookback, simply known to his friends as Ruff, was an otter native to Mossflower Woods. He said he was "Ruff by name, rough by nature". He encountered Lord Brocktree and Dotti on their way to Salamandastron, and was attacked by Brocktree when mistaken for an enemy. After the encounter, Ruff joined their quest to liberate (or at the time simply journey to) Salamandastron. He gave good advice to Dotti in her competition against Bucko Bigbones and was one of the party who helped Dotti enforce her diet, weathering her tirades against him. He was also a good cook and learned one of his recipes from his grandmother. Ruff fought loyally at Brocktree's side, and even saved the Badger Lord's life by slaying Doomeye. When the battle was over Ruff joined Skipper of Otters Brogalaw on his journey back to his home.