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Not to be confused with Ruggan Bor.

Ruggan Axehound

Species: Sea Otter
Place of Origin: High North Coast
Gender: Male
Weapon: Axe, Sword, Bow and Arrows
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Rogue Crew

Ruggan Axehound was Skor Axehound's eldest son, the brother of Swiffo Axehound, and a member of the Rogue Crew Sea otters. As son of a Chieftain, he wore a silver-and-amber coronet to denote his rank, and, like most of the Crew, wielded a round shield and a battleaxe, as well as a sword during Razzid Wearat's attack on Redwall Abbey. He was of a fierce, somewhat reckless demeanor, and brooked no nonsense or challenge to his authority from any other beast.

Ruggan and some of the otters in his command came across Captain Rake Nightfur and a deputation of Long Patrol hares from Salamandastron, while the latter group was under attack from the Bloodrippers. Ruggan demanded a surrender, to which the terrified Bloodrippers instantly complied. After ensuring the hares were safe, Ruggan threatened to execute the Empraking and Queen of the Bloodrippers, but later changed his mind and deposed them to the rank of servants, appointing Wuzgo and Luggi in their place. He offered to stay with the hares until his father arrived, and helped arrange for the burial of Bribbs, who had fallen in the attack.

While waiting for Skor to arrive, Ruggan took it upon himself to question Crumdun, whom the hares were holding captive; he handed the stoat over to Garrent and Bartuk, who tortured him and nearly slew him. Colour Sergeant Miggory stepped in on Crumdun's behalf and boxed the two otters into submission. Outraged at the insult to himself and his otters, Ruggan attacked the hare, but soon found himself on the receiving end of a boxing lesson as well. Having been shown the error of his ways, Ruggan forgave the hares, and marched with them to Redwall Abbey after his father Skor formed the alliance between the Rogue Crew and Long Patrol.

During the march to Redwall, Ruggan's brother Swiffo was slain by a poision dart from Ketral Vane. Skor vowed vengeance on the culprit, but as he was too old and slow to outrun a fox, it was Ruggan who carried out the deed, hunting down the fox and beheading him. Ruggan later took part in the battle against Razzid Wearat's crew within the walls of Redwall itself; after the battle, the hares and sea otters claimed Razzid's wheeled ship Greenshroud for their own, and Ruggan and his former opponent Sergeant Miggory were appointed joint captains of the vessel.