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Russa Nodrey


Species: Squirrel
Place of Origin: Unknown
Gender: Female
Weapon: Hardwood Stick
Death: Ambushed by Rinkul and other vermin while defending the infant Russano and his guardian
Appears: The Long Patrol

Russa Nodrey was a nomadic squirrel wanderer who lived in the woods of Mossflower. Her usual clothing was a green tunic with a pouch sewn into the back to hold varied objects.

Russa was given the surname "Nodrey" due to her lack of a drey, or home. Her only weapon was a long wooden stick. She often visited Camp Tussock, and on one such occasion was requested to escort Tammo to meet up with the Long Patrol. Although at first reluctant, she was persuaded by the offer of Mem Divinia's pancakes.

Eventually Russa and Tammo met the Long Patrol led by Major Perigord Habile Sinistra, who were on the way to Redwall Abbey to warn the residents of the Rapscallion army. Russa accompanied them, hoping to visit Abbess Tansy and enjoy the Redwall food. However, they were ambushed by foebeasts who were attacking a defenseless badgerbabe and older guardian, who Russa died defending. The badger was named Russano in her honor, and went on to fight enemies using her stick as his weapon of choice.

Russa never liked performing in public, though she did write a song called "The Song of the Stick" (referring to her weapon of choice) which she sang in front of a group of the Long Patrol to spare Tammo from embarrassment. While doing this she performed many tricks with her hardwood stick. Russa's attitude towards vermin, as was shown when Tammo was ambushed by the ferrets Skulka and Gromal was that it was necessary to kill them before they killed others.

She did, however, have a love of good food. It was the first thing she demanded upon her fateful visit to Camp Tussock and her favorite thing about Redwall Abbey.