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Sagitar Sawfang

Sagitar Sawfang

Species: Rat
Place of Origin: Sampetra
Gender: Female
Weapon: Trident, Bow and Arrow
Death: Mutual Kill with Rasconza
Appears: Pearls of Lutra

Sagitar Sawfang was a female searat. Being a large, lean, sinewy, and intelligent beast, she was the chief Trident Rat of Ublaz Mad Eyes and was his second-in-command only to Lask Frildur, the Monitor General. Sagitar was Ublaz's strong left paw on the island and was given a great deal of power and responsibility when Ublaz sent Lask away to Mossflower Woods.

She lead the battlefield attacks against the rebellious Wave Brethren, and nearly captured their leader, Barranca. But when it looked like the Wave Brethren were going to prevail in their attempt to overthrow Ublaz, Sagitar defected to the side of Rasconza the fox, the rebel's new leader.

In the final battle, however, Rasconza figured the burning of his corsair fleet was planned by Ublaz, and that Sagitar had a part in it. Rasconza mortally wounded her with a thrown knife, but with her last breath Sagitar Sawfang impaled the fox with her trident, and soon died, her last words being to Rasconza: "I never throw my weapon away, I always keep hold of it..."