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This article is about the book. You may be looking for Salamandastron (place).

Salamandastron is the fifth published book in the Redwall saga by Brian Jacques.

Book Divisions (English)[]

  • Book 1: Questors and Runaways
  • Book 2: Warriors and Monsters
  • Book 3: Destinies and Homecomers


Displeased with her adoptive father Urthstripe's stern authority, young badger Mara runs away from home, the mountain of Salamandastron, with her best friend, Pikkle Ffolger. Urthstripe, a Badger Lord of Salamandastron, rules with a firm paw. Kindhearted, he is also stubborn and, although he worries about his daughter's safety, he refuses to pursue her.

Later, Mara and Pikkle return to Salamandastron in the company of a weasel called Klitch and a ferret Goffa. Angry that Mara brought two vermin to the mountain, Urthstripe argues with her fiercely, while Klitch and Goffa are locked in their rooms.

In the camp of Ferahgo the Assassin and his horde, a fox named Dethbrush and his six trackers report that two stoats Thura and Dingeye haven't been found yet. Ferahgo sends the trackers on the journey again.

At Redwall Abbey, a young squirrel called Samkim and his mole friend Arula receive punishment for frightening a kind hedgehog wife, Faith Spinney, in the orchard by carelessly using bows and arrows.

The next morning, Klitch and Goffa are guided out of Salamandastron. Infuriated with what she believes is an injustice, Mara and Pikkle chase after their friends. Klitch asks Mara about the treasure of the badgers, but she says that she doesn't know anything about treasure. Urthstripe orders two hares, Sapwood and Big Oxeye, to follow Mara and Pikkle.

Two stoats, Dingeye and Thura, who deserted Ferahgo's army, end up near Redwall. After sneaking inside the Abbey, they're caught by the otter Thrugg. The stoats cry and plead that they should stay, and Abbess Vale agrees, however the stoats are put to work in the kitchen to keep them out of trouble.

Mara, Pikkle, and Goffa set up camp while Klitch steals away, alleging that he's going to scout the land ahead. In actuality, Klitch goes back to the camp of his father, Ferahgo, to report. They plan to capture Mara and Pikkle and keep them as hostages in order to get badger treasure.

Sapwood, who has followed Mara and Pikkle, warns them about Ferahgo and Klitch and urges them to escape. The two youngsters obey, and Sapwood leads some of Ferahgo's horde members in another direction. Pikkle and Mara hide inside a cave among the dunes, and hear that they're pursued by three trackers, Migroo, Sickear, and Dewnose. Pikkle tries to sleep, expecting his friend to take the guard duty, but Mara falls asleep.

The two friends are awakened by a lizard, Swinkee, who attacks them. A struggle follows and Swinkee loses his tail in the destructive melee. Pikkle promises Swinkee that they'll repair his cave and give a lot of insects to him in exchange for guidance to Salamandastron. Swinkee agrees.

At Redwall, Abbess Vale names the season "The Summer of the Lazy Trout", and the Redwallers arrange for a big celebratory feast. During the sport contest, a storm ruins the fun and the residents retreat inside the Abbey. Tudd Spinney notices that he forgot his glasses on the stairs of the west wall and Samkim and Arula decide to retrieve them. As they walk across the lawns of the Abbey grounds, lightning strikes the weathervane and the sword of Martin the Warrior falls from the roof, landing by Samkim's side.

During the night, Thura and Dingeye wake up and wander inside Great Hall. They begin to play with the bows and arrows, which were used in the sport contest. After accidentally killing the Abbey Recorder, Brother Hal, the stoats flee from the Abbey and take the sword of Martin with them.

Samkim awakens and discovers the body of Brother Hal. The young squirrel is surprised by Friar Bellows, who is shocked to find Samkim near the dead Brother. Falsely accused of murder, Samkim sets off to retrieve the sword of Martin the Warrior with Arula accompanying him.

As the stoats flee, Thura suddenly dies of what turns out to be Dryditch Fever. Arula and Samkim find the dead stoat and meet a woodvole Furgle the Hermit. Furgle instructs the young Redwallers to bury Thura's body, and then heads to Redwall to warn its dwellers about the disease.

Mara and Pikkle wake up to discover that they are now "foodslaves" of the toad king Glagweb, a result of a betrayal by Swinkee. They meet a shrew Nordo, who is a son of Log-a-Log. Nordo tells them that his father and Guosssom are coming to rescue them.

When Samkim and Arula stop to eat lunch, they're attacked by angry wasps. Spriggat, an old hedgehog, saves them. While Samkim and Arula camp, Spriggat finds the body of Dingeye, who had been killed by Dethbrush and his trackers.

Not long after Samkim leaves, the denizens of Redwall realize they're contracting Dryditch Fever. Thrugg and a Dibbun dormouse named Dumble quest for the fabled Flowers of Icetor to heal the afflicted.

Ferahgo and his horde arrive at Salamandastron. Urthstripe and 10 Long Patrol hares parlay with Ferahgo, and a battle erupts. Urthstripe and the hares retreat to the mountain and block the entrance.

Guosssom rescues the "foodslaves" from King Glagweb and his marshtoads. Glagweb is thrown into the slave pit with a pike.

Ferahgo plans for his horde to attack the mountain, while a fox, Farran the Poisoner, simultaneously sneaks into the mountain and poisons the drink and food supplies. Farran kills a female hare called Windpaw. Later a young hare Shorebuck dies after consuming the poisoned food.

Mara and Pikkle arrive at the home of the Guosssom. Log-a-Log tells Mara about the Blackstone, which has been lost by Nordo in the island of the Great Inland Lake. He asks Mara to help retrieve it and she agrees. The Guosssom and their friends begin the journey to the island.

Thrugg and Dumble meet an injured young falcon Rocangus. Thrugg bandages his wing and the falcon agrees to lead them to the Northern Mountains. The trio continue the journey. Along the route, they're attacked by crows and saved by Rocangus' father, Laird Mactalon, and his falcons.

On the Great Inland Sea, the Guosssom is assaulted by the Deepcoiler and a shrew called Tubgutt attempts mutiny against Log-a-Log. Log-a-Log battles him, ending the disruption.

Ferahgo's horde tunnels under Salamandastron, but their attack is foiled when Urthstripe floods the tunnel with boiling water. Sapwood, Big Oxeye, and Pennybright scout for food. Sapwood and Oxeye are captured by Klitch, but Pennybright manages to escape back to Salamandastron.

The Deepcoiler renews his attacks on the Guosssom and most of the shrews survive, but they're injured. Mara rescues Tubgutt from Deepcoiler and he befriends her. As the shrews arrive in the island, they hear the terrifying cry of "Eulalia!" in the night.

Sapwood and Oxeye free themselves, and Oxeye pushes Sapwood out to the sea on a piece of wood. Oxeye battles with the horde and escapes. Later he arrives to Salamandastron, bringing food with him.

Thugg and Dumble climb the Northern Mountains to meet Wild King MacPhearsome, who guards the Flowers of Icetor. After Thrugg asks the Wild King to provide some of the needed cure, the King refuses and Dumble attacks him. Amused by the Dibbun, MacPhearsome gives them the Flowers and flies to Redwall with Dumble.

Tubgutt, Mara, and Pikkle meet Ashnin, Loambudd, and Urthwyte, the twin brother of Urthstripe. Mara tells Loambudd about Urthstripe and the old badger tells Mara of how Ferahgo murdered the twins' parents. The Guosssom stay on the island for a while before they set off for Salamandastron to aid Urthstripe.

Samkim, Arula, and Spriggat, with the aid of the rivershrews, catch up to Dethbrush and his trackers on the Great Inland Sea. A battle ensues, interrupted by the Deepcoiler. Dethbrush and his rats are slain, and The Deepcoiler is killed by Martin's sword, which is lost with its body. Spriggat died due to the wounds from Deepcoiler during the attack.

Wild King MacPhearsome and Dumble arrive in Redwall with the Flowers of Icetor, and the ill Abbey dwellers receive treatment.

Mara and Samkim's paths eventually cross, and the badgermaid gives Martin's sword (which she found from the shore of the island) to Samkim. When the entire group returns to Salamandastron, they find Urthstripe, seized by the Bloodwrath, who leaps from the top of the mountain, taking Ferahgo with him. Urthwyte stays on as Badger Lord; Samkim, Arula, and Mara go back to Redwall.

Characters in Salamandastron


  • Lancashire Libraries Children's Book of the Year Award
  • Nominated for the Carnegie Medal (1992)


Salamandastron has been released in audiobook format.

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