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Species: Badger
Place of Origin: Unknown
Gender: Female
Weapon: Sling
Death: Unknown
Appears: Eulalia!

Lady Salixa was the wife of Gorath the Flame, the mother of Rowanbloom, and the adopted daughter of the Tabura. When she was younger he rescued her from a pack of vermin. She was a trained healer and considered a beautiful singer.

After the Tabura rescued the young badger from vermin, he discovered she had no name. He named her Salixa, which he claimed was an ancient name for willow trees, because she was so slender, like a willow sapling. She had a talent for writing and wrote the chronicle for her family. Salixa helped in the fight against Vizka Longtooth and the Brownrats. The whole time, she and Gorath were falling in love. After Gorath defeated Vizka, he and Salixa went to Salamandastron to succeed Lord Asheye. She later gave birth to Rowanbloom, whom she and her husband allowed to go on the annual trip to Redwall Abbey once the young badger was old enough.


  • Salixa's name does indeed mean "willow", as it is derived from Salix, the genus all willow trees fall under.