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Sampetra was a tropical island in the distant part of the Western Sea. It was ruled by the emperor Ublaz Mad Eyes, a pine marten with a hypnotic stare. It was perpetually summer in the warm tropical isle, and no trees grow on the island. Originally, the isle was the ancient home of a race of fearsome monitor lizards, which worked for Ublaz and were his primary shock troops after he conquered the isle.

Ublaz's palace was situated on a rocky rise on the southwestern tip, a short distance from several taverns in which any frequenting corsairs could amuse themselves. All corsairs choosing to berth their vessels at Sampetra were forced into paying tribute to Ublaz, who in turn allowed them to use his stockpile of timber to repair their ships. On the eastern fringe of the island was a cove, and there was a jetty and harbour on the western side near the taverns, where most corsairs moored their ships.

After Ublaz was defeated, and the ships and wood stockpile destroyed, the remaining corsairs were marooned upon the island.


Originally inhabited only by cannibalistic Monitor Lizards, Sampetra became an imperialistic capital for corsairs when a particularly ambitious corsair, Ublaz, took control of the island; to all appearances, he took advantage of his hypnotic eyes as well as natural cunning to take control over the Monitors. His palace was built on the southwestern plateau. A jetty was built on the western coast, surrounded by harbor taverns. Backed by the Monitors and his Trident Rat militia, Ublaz decreed that all corsair captains anchoring at Sampetra must pay a tribute of plunder to him, in return for rest at the taverns and a supply of Ublaz's treasured timber stock, the only wood available on the island. Ublaz's rule was challenged by a union of corsairs calling themselves The Wave Brethren, first led by Barranca and later Rasconza, who pestered and schemed against Ublaz in an ongoing duel of wits that cost both sides heavily, though Ublaz eventually began to suffer the greater losses.

After Grath Longfletch and her Redwall allies arrived at Sampetra to rescue Durral, the Abbot imprisoned there, they discreetly attacked both the palace and its attackers, burning the timber stockpile in the process, and took advantage of the resultant chaos to enter the palace, kill Ublaz, and return with the Abbot. They were attacked by corsairs during the escape, but escaped in the Freebooter, leaving the corsairs, Trident Rats and Monitors effectively stranded with no wood or seaworthy ships. It was stated that the marooned corsairs may have had to farm Sampetra, but later the more probable chance of them fighting and scheming among themselves was offered.


Sampetra appears in Pearls of Lutra.


  • Sam, in old Gaelic, means "summer". Petra is Latin for rock.