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Species: Squirrel
Place of Origin: Redwall Abbey
Gender: Female
Weapon: Sling, Spear
Death: Mortally wounded by Kharanjul's Horde during the Battle in the Abyss
Appears: Loamhedge

Sarobando the squirrel (better known simply as Saro) and her lifelong friend Bragoon were legends at Redwall Abbey, known for their unspeakable acts of trouble-making. She was a good runner and beat Springald in the Wall Race even though she was old. The Dibbuns at the Abbey, as well as Horty, Fenna, and Springald, thought of the pair as just folklore, but the older members of the community knew that they were real.

After many seasons of journeying and battling, they returned to Redwall, and left once again on a quest with Horty, Fenna, and Springald to find a cure for Martha Braebuck. They traveled to the ruins of Loamhedge Abbey, where the supposed cure was said to exist. Unfortunately, the cure was non-existent, so Saro and Bragoon wrote a short poem about will-power and gave it to the three other young questers.

Saro died with Bragoon on the return to Redwall while fighting a colony of ferrets and weasels led by Kharanjul the Wearet atop the bridge in the Abyss made by the Lord of Mossflower. In the last minutes of this battle, they were severely wounded from multiple injuries and sacrificed themselves by levering the bridge and the horde into the Abyss, killing all of the vermin. Saro and Bragoon died later on the edge of the cliff, holding paws.