Sergeant Sapwood

Sergeant Sapwood

Place of Origin:Salamandastron
Weapon: Lance, Fists
Death: Unknown
Appears: Salamandastron

Sergeant Sapwood was a boxing hare sergeant in the Long Patrol who served under the Badger Lords Urthstripe the Strong and Urthwyte the Mighty. When Mara and Pikkle left Salamandastron with Klitch and Goffa, Sapwood and Big Oxeye went to protect them. He found that Klitch and Goffa had been leading them into a trap, and so warned Mara and Pikkle. While they escaped, Sapwood led the vermin off and eventually made it back to the mountain.

Ferahgo the Assassin was unhappy that his quarry escaped him, and went on to attack Salamandastron. Sapwood continued to defend the mountain, including a time where he rescued Urthstripe from Ferahgo's horde.

Another area in which he distinguished himself use in one of Ferahgo's retreats from the mountain. Lord Urthstripe sent out a spying division consisting of Oxeye, Sapwood, and Pennybright. The retreat was actually a ruse by Klitch, who was in temporary command of the horde. Their goal was to gain hostages, and Oxeye and Sapwood were captured.

Klitch had laid the two hares tied up in the sea, but the water loosened their bonds until they escaped. Oxeye ordered Sapwood to escape on a cob of driftwood, so he would survive. Oxeye intended to stay and cover him, and probably die, but he managed to escape to Salamandastron. Oxeye then helped defend the Mountain after Ferahgo breached it. They were fighting a losing battle, but Sapwood arrived with renforcements,thus giving them the upper hand. However, Urthstripe was killed in the fighting, requesting to be laid behind the emllor. Despite the fact that he was unable to read, he also managed to see the words Emllor (try it backwards) on the copper plate, which led to the discovery of the fabled badgers' treasure.

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