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Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales, U.S. Covers

Year Published: 1991
U.S. Cover Artist: David Ray
UK Cover Artist: Terry Oakes
Page Count: 151
ISBN: 0399221034
ISBN-13: 9780399221033

Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales, UK Covers

Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales (also known as Seven Strange & Ghostly Tales) is a collection of seven short stories by Brian Jacques. When Jacques once worked at a children's summer camp in Wales, these were some of the stories told around the campfire.

Four UK editions and three U.S. editions were published. Other cover artists include Kevin Hawkes and Stephen Davis.


The Fate of Thomas P. Kanne[]

Thomas P. Kanne believes that none of the residents of Middlechester can ever link him to the 'Phantom Snake' (an anagram of his name) graffiti that has been turning up all over town. But when he decides to strike at the new Egyptian exhibit in the town museum, he underestimates the powers of the mysterious caretaker, Mr. Bausin.

Jamie and the Vampires[]

When a boy named Jamie takes a dare to sit outside a mysterious tomb in the local cemetary at midnight, he gets far more than he bargained for when he ends up meeting a vampire who has a nagging mother just like his own.

Allie Alma[]

Alma Budleigh, a girl working at her Neighborhood Volunteer Help Junior Branch, hates her name and prefers to call herself Allie. But Allie has a completely different personality than the seemingly kind and caring Alma. Allie is a thief who steals the heirlooms of the elderly women she assists, leading them to believe that they've simply misplaced their things. When she visits Mrs. Struben, a German lady, and sees a handmade egg that was given to her when she was a young girl, Allie decides she must have it...

The Lies of Henry Mawdsley[]

Henry Mawdsley is a young student with a reputation for lying about everything. When he encounters Lucifer, he agrees to sell his soul in exchange for everyone believing his lies for an entire week. Mawdsley fibs to his town, and receives everything of which he's dreamed. At the end of the week, Lucifer returns to collect Mawdsley's soul, however the Archangel Gabriel appears. Gabriel reveals that Mawdsley's signed contract is invalid, as he is incapable of reproducing his own signature due to poor studiousness.


Bridgey McConville, a young girl, resides on her abusive alcoholic uncle's farm after the death of her parents. Forced to serve her uncle and work the farm, she accidentally errs while performing her chores. When her uncle decides to vent his rage as a result, a mysterious water creature comes to her rescue.

The Sad History of Gilly Bodkin[]

In the late 17th century, a peasant boy named Gilly Bodkin longs to taste the sweetmeats that he sees the four pampered Manfield sisters enjoy each time they pass by in their coach. One day, to his great delight, he sees a sugar stick being thrown out the coach window to him. As he jumps up to grab the candy, the horse gets spooked and kicks Gilly in the head, killing him. But later that night, Gilly comes back-- very confused-- as a ghost, and soon discovers that he is confined to the area in which he died. And so he decides to sit and wait for another chance to taste a sugar stick, even if it takes a couple of centuries.

R.S.B. Limited[]

Jonathan, a new boy at a school his great-grandfather once attended, is quickly confronted by a gang of three bullies who call themselves 'RSB Limited.' In exchange for money, they offer 'protection' - from their own tormenting actions. Unable to pay them, Jonathan is persecuted daily. In the meantime, he continually attempts to befriend another boy at school, who looks a lot like him, only to keep missing the opportunity to speak with him.

One day, as Jonathan is out sick, the boy offers to fully compensate the bullies, but only at night. The following evening, the trio waits on the school grounds, and the boy approaches them. As he gets closer, he transforms into an adult man, who chastises the gang for their cowardice, terrifying the group.

The next morning, school leadership informs the students that the gang members were traumatized by a terrible storm, and will no longer be around.


Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales was released in two different audiobook versions.

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